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Welcome to our full product list, which is being updated every week. Here you will find all our Medical, Security and Veterinary products in one place.

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Probes – British Standard Remote Probes

Probes – British Standard 3/8 BSP Thread

Flowmeter Accessories

Flowmeters – Rail Mounted with Remote Probe

Flowmeters – Twin with Back Bar, Probe and Tubing Nipple

Flowmeters with BS Direct Probe

Flowmeters with Nut and Tubing Nipple

Regulator Spares

Etonox Regulators

Dial Flowmeters/Regulators

Tourniquet Cuff Connectors

Two Stage Regulator with Schrader Valve

Single Stage Regulator with Schrader Valve

Single Stage Regulators with Flowmeter

Esmarch Bandages – Latex Free Type

Single Stage Regulators 60 PSI/4 Bar

Rubber Rebreathing Bags

Rubber Reusable Corrugated Breathing Tubes

Silicone Anatomical Facemasks

Rendell Baker Silicone Anaesthetic Facemasks – Autoclavable

Esmarch Bandage – Red Rubber Type

Reservoir Bags

Back Bar Fittings


Soda Lime

APL/Expiratory Valves

Scavenging Air Brake Receiver

Encore 755 2 Gas Anaesthetic Machine with Ventilator

Encore 1755 3 Gas Anaesthetic Machine with Ventilator

Encore 2005 3 Gas Anaesthetic Machine with Ventilator

Encore 2500 3 Gas Anaesthetic Machine with Ventilator

Rhys Davies Exsanguinator

Encore 3000 3 Gas Anaesthetic Machine with Ventilator

Manual Tourniquet

SCT5 Tourniquet Machine

SCT 1 Tourniquet Machine

SCT2 Tourniquet Machine

SCT2x2 Tourniquet Machine

Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector – MDS8020

Walkthrough Metal Detector MDS9000

MDS9050 Walkthrough Metal Detector

Electric Portable Suction Unit

Ultrasonic Steriliser

Desk Top Autoclave

Blood Gas Analyser

Biochemistry Analyser – Semi Automatic Table Top Model

Biochemistry Analyser – Fully Automatic Table Top Model

Triple Beam Mechanical Balance

KR1 Covert Tactical Vest

Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)

Vet Rectal Thermometer

Vet Pulse Oximeter

Encore 1250 Anaesthesia System 3 Gas

Compact Circle Absorbers

Wrist Type Veterinary Ultrasound

Compact Veterinary Ultrasound

Crystal 5-8-2 Oxygen Concentrator Dual Flow

Crystal 5-8-1 Oxygen Concentrator Single Flow

Crystal 10 Oxygen Concentrator

Cold Light Shadowless Examination Lamp

Ceiling Mounted Theatre Light 3 Bulbs

VetCare Radiant Warmer

VetCare Incubator

Monopolar Bipolar Electrosurgery Unit 120W

Re-locatable Drive Through Cargo Scanner

Drive Through Mobile Cargo Scanner

Braun iScan Vehicle Scanner

BRAUNVAP Anaesthesia Vaporiser

Brau6550DV Multi-Energy Baggage Scanner

Brau6080 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Brau6045 Checkpoint X-Ray Inspection System

Brau5030 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Brau160180 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Brau160165 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Brau100100 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Clear Silicone Autoclavable Anaesthetic Face Masks

Cardiff Aldasorbers – Box of 6

Breathing Circuits – Tubing

Breathing Circuits – Reusable

Breathing Circuits – Disposable

Toyota Land Cruiser Box Ambulance

Toyota Hiace Ambulance

Mercedes Benz Vito 119 Ambulance

Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance

52-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor System

24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor System