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MRI Compatible Wheelchair

MRI Basic Compatible Patient Trolley

MRI Compatible Patient Trolley

MRI Compatible Patient Trolley – Gas Strut Assisted Backrest

Toyota Hiace High Roof Ambulance

Instrument Cabinet With 4 Doors

Instrument Cabinet With 2 Doors

Controlled Drugs Cabinet

Controlled Drugs Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet With DDA Inner Cabinet

Medicine Trolley

Drug and Medicine Dispensing Double Face Trolley

Drug and Medicine Dispensing Double Sided Trolley

Lockable Clean Linen Trolley

Procedure Trolley With 12 trays

Procedure Trolley With 9 Trays

Procedure Trolley With 4 Trays

Procedure Trolley With 7 Trays

Instrument Trolley With 3 Stainless Steel Shelves

Instrument Trolley With 3 Stainless Steel Shelves

Instrument Trolley With 2 Stainless Steel Shelves

Instrument Trolley With 2 Stainless Steel Shelves

Mayo Table – Adjustable Height Model

Anaesthetic Stainless Steel Trolley

Ward Screen

Patient Trolley With Trendelenburg

Double Step

Single Step

Treatment Chair – Electric Type

Treatment Chair – Mechanical Type

Delivery Bed

Delivery Bed

Electric Height Adjustable Gynaecology Couch

Height Adjustable Couch

Examination Couch

Examination Couch

Aluminium Foldable Couch

Standard Examination Couch

Tilt Overbed Table

Overbed Table

Overbed Table

Double Bedside Cabinet with Built-in Overbed Table

Bedside Cabinet

Baby Crib with Mattress

Baby Crib with Mattress

Nylon PVC Alternating Pressure Mattress and Pump

Electric Paediatric Bed

Electric Three Function Bed

Electric Two Function Bed

Hospital Bed With Two Cranks

Hospital Bed With One Crank

Hospital Bed With Backrest

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Entonox® Patient Pain Relief System

Entonox® Patient Pain Relief System

Electric ENT Chair

LED Light Source

ENT Unit

ENT Unit

Low Speed Centrifuge with A5P17 and A2P17 rotor

Encore 3000 Anaesthetic Machine

Encore 2000 Anaesthetic Machine

Encore 1250 Anaesthetic Machine

Babycare 1200 Infant Incubator

Babycare 1400 Infant Incubator

Transport Incubator With Trolley

Babycare 17 Phototherapy Light

Babycare 16 Phototherapy Light

V3 Ventilator

Reusable Tourniquet Cuff Range

New – Disposable Tourniquet Cuff Range (VT-113, VT-114, VT-115, VT-116, VT-117, VT-118)

Pocket Peak Flowmeter

LED Otoscope

Thermometer – Digital Type

Covers For Stethoscopes

Stethoscope Pouch

Stethoscope – Infant Dual Head Type

Pen Torch – Disposable Type

Pen Torch – Stainless Steel Type With Pupil Gauge

Pen Torch – Reusable Plastic Type

Cholesterol Meter

Blood Pressure Monitor – Ambulatory Model

Blood Pressure Monitor – Small Digital Wrist Type

LED Examination Light – Mobile Model

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer – Desk/Wall Model

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer – Stand Model

Examination Lamp – Halogen Model with Battery

Examination Lamp – Halogen Mobile Model

LED Lamp with Magnifying Lens – Mobile Model 3 Dioptre

LED Examination Lamp with Magnifying Lens – Mobile Model 5 Dioptre

LED Examination Light – Mobile Model

LED Examination Light – Desk Stand Model

LED Examination Light – Ceiling Model

LED Examination Light – Wall Mounted Model

Digital Cephalometric and Panoramic Dental X-Ray System

Dental Compressor – 180L Oil Less

Dental Compressor – 150L Oil Less

Dental Compressor – 90L Oil Less

Dental Compressor – 65L Oil Less

Dental Compressor – 55L Oil Less

MRI Compatible Utility Cart

MRI Compatible IV Stand

Folding Portering Chair

MRI Paediatric System

Ultrasound Therapy Machine

Mechanical Dialysis Chair

Dialyser Reprocessing Machine

Toilet Frame – Freestanding With Raised Seat

Introducer For Use With Endotracheal Tubes

Video Laryngoscope With Disposable Blades

Video Laryngoscope With Reusable Blades

Evacuation Chair

Aluminium Pump For Inflation Vacuum Splints and Mattresses

Soft and Rigid Collars

Resuscitation Kit

Teaching Dual Head Stethoscope

Single Use Rebreathing Bags

Ultrasound – Hand Held Colour Scanner

Dressing Trolley – Stainless Steel Model

Dressing Trolley – Stainless Steel Model

Dressing Trolley – Deluxe Model with Drawer

Compact Folding Patient Hoist

Dressing Trolley – Deluxe Model

Temperature Data USB Logger

Fridge Thermometer

ECO Ice Brick (Pack of 10)

Plasma Freezer 600 Litre Capacity

Flake Ice Machine – 135kg/day

Flake Ice Machine – 45kg/day

Vital Signs Monitor with SpO2, NIBP, Infrared Ear Thermometer

Vital Signs Monitor with SpO2, NIBP, PR

Portable Oxygen Concentrator, 0-5 Lpm

Medical Waste 1350 Litre Diesel Fired Incinerator

Breathing Circuit Support Arm with Double Joint

Mobile Multi Colour LED Operating Light Range

Ceiling Multi Colour LED Operating Light Range

Power LED Mobile Operating Lights – Single

Power LED Ceiling Mounted Operating Lights – Single

Power LED Mobile Operating Light – Single

Power LED Ceiling Mounted Operating Lights – Single

Power LED Ceiling Mounted Operating Lights

Power LED Ceiling Mounted Operating Lights – Dual head

Power LED Ceiling Mounted Operating Lights

Flower Type Mobile LED Operating Theatre Lights

Flower Type Dual Ceiling LED Operating Theatre Lights

Flower Type Dual Ceiling LED Operating Theatre Lights

Flower Type Single Ceiling LED Operating Theatre Lights

Universal Centrifuge

Infusion Pump

Syringe Pump

Dual Channel Syringe Pump

Digital Sphygmomanometer


Portable Electronic Ear Syringe

Manual Differential Counter With 5 Keys

Hand Operated Manual Suction Pump

Vaccine Carrier Bag – LED Temp Display

Vial / Micro Test Tube Rack

Portable Oxygen Concentrator 7L

Portable Oxygen Concentrator 4.5L

Haemodialysis Machine

Hospital – Electric ICU Bed

Bowl Stand – Double

Bowl Stand – Single

Laptop With 15.6″ Screen

Compact Non-Contact Thermometer

Infrared Ear Thermometer

3-Ply Type IIR Disposable Face Masks (Box of 50)

Disposable Polythene Aprons – Pack of 100

Dental Care 400 Dental Unit

Dental Care 300 Dental Unit

Dental Care 200 Dental Unit

Dental Care 100 Dental Unit

Face Shield


IR Non-Contact Thermometer


Goggles – Non-Fog


Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter


Biphasic Positive Airway Pressure (BIPAP) Machine

Expiratory Bacteria Filter Heater

Central Monitoring Station Software

Crystal High Pressure 10L Oxygen Concentrator

Crystal 5-8-2 Dual Flow 5L Oxygen Concentrator


Suction Spares and Accessories

90Lpm Suction Unit

40Lpm Suction Unit

16Lpm Suction Unit with Battery Back Up

16Lpm Suction Unit

15Lpm Suction Unit

Veterinary Patient Monitor – Modular

High Pressure Tubing

Probes and Accessories

Anaesthesia Induction Chambers

Cardiff Aldasorbers – Box of 6

Veterinary PCA Absorber

AGSS Receiving System with 3m Disposal Hose

Anaesthesia Accessories

Anaesthesia Vaporisers

Eco 1 Veterinary Anaesthesia Machine

Warning Sign – Self Adhesive Rigid PVC

X-Ray Film Drying Cabinet

Automatic Film Processor

X-Ray Viewers

X-Ray Grid – Frame (Lid)

X-Ray Grid

Grid Perspex Covers

Patient Positioning Pads – Large Set

Patient Positioning Pads – Jumbo Set

Front Body Lead Aprons

Digital Single Step Single Cassette Reader

Gonad Shield – Unisex Flexi

Double Lead Aprons

3 Piece Lightweight Lead Apron Kilt

Mammography System – Digital

Mammography System – Film Based

Mobile Digital C-Arm X-Ray System

Thyroid Collar – V Type

Thyroid Collar – D Type

Fluoroscopy/Radiography Systems – Digital

Lead Gloves – 0.50 Pb

Open Palm Mittens

Lead Apron Hangers

Static X-Ray Systems

Protective Fit Over Glasses

Sportswrap Protection Glasses

Lead Curtain and Rails

Mobile Lead Screen – With Window

Mobile X-Ray Systems – Digital

Personal Dosimeter

Personal Dosimeter – Rad-60

Mobile X-Ray Systems

PET/CT Scanner

CT Scanner – 64 Slice

High Frequency Mobile X-Ray 100mA

CT Scanner – 32 Slice

BRAU100100DV – X-Ray Baggage Scanner

CT Scanner – 16 Slice

BRAU6045DV – X-Ray Baggage Scanner

BRAU5030CA – X-Ray Baggage Scanner

MRI Scanner – Open Type

Handcuffs – LC-105

MRI Scanner – Closed Type 1.5T

Handcuffs – HC-103

Reverse Osmosis System

Handcuffs – HC-102

CRRT Machine

Handcuffs – HC-101

Apheresis Machine

Body Balls

Wobble Board

Corner Step – Adjustable Hand Rails

Overt Tactical Vest

Wooden Conventional Stairs

Variable Height Tilt Table

Electric Traction Table

Traction Unit

Hand and Wrist Continuous Passive Motion Machine

Hand, Wrist and Forearm Table

Therapy Putty

UV and IR Lamp – Mobile

Therapy Light – Mobile Ultraviolet

TENS and Muscle Stimulator – Dual Channel Combined with 24 Built-in Programs

Under Vehicle Search Mirror

Vehicle Mounted Radio Frequency Inhibitor System

Laser Therapy Machine

Falcon Software Configurable Radio Inhibitor System

Bed Wedge

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Kestrel Range of Inhibitors

Nursing V Pillow

Adjustable Bed with Pocket Sprung Mattress

Recliner – Single Motor Riser

Lightweight Tri Wheel Walker

Wheeled Walker – Folding

Walking Frame – Folding

Walkthrough Metal Detector – MDS8050

Adult Feeding Cup

Walkthrough Metal Detector – MDS8000

Multi Bottle Opener 6 in 1

Lightweight Cutlery

Grab Rail – Stainless Steel Flat End

Grab Rail – Plastic

Bath Chair – Lightweight Lift

Bath Chair – Swivel Bather

Bath Seat – Slatted

Shower Commode Chair

Economy Shower Chair

Shower Stool – Height Adjustable Aluminium

Bariatric Commode

Economy Commode

Hand Held Metal and Radiation Detector

Lightweight Commode With Wheels

Braun i-Scan – Dual View

Braun i-Scan – Single View

Toilet Frame – Adjustable Width and Height

Toilet Frame -Adjustable Height

Economy Folding Toilet Support Rail

Motor Driven Stand for Portable High Frequency X-Ray

Foldable Stand for Portable High Frequency X-Ray

Mobile Stand for Portable High Frequency X-Ray

Portable High Frequency X-Ray Systems

Drop Down Toilet Support Rail With Leg

Toilet Seat – Soft Raised

Toilet Seat – Raised

Vascular Doppler with 5MHz Probe – Portable

Probe Cleaning Solution

Ultrasound Gel

Medical Printer Paper – High Glossy Thermal

Medical Printer – Colour

Medical Printer – Black and White

Ultrasound – Portable Digital Black and White Scanner

Ultrasound – Smart Tablet System

Ultrasound – Colour Portable Laptop

Doppler – Eco Colour

Ultrasound System – Colour

Instrument Set – Caesarean Section Set

Instrument Set – Basic Delivery Set

Alcohol Lamp – 50cc

Sterilising Drum 4 x 4″

Instrument Tray – Without Lid

Instrument Tray – With Lid

Kidney Dish – Without Lid 400ml

Kidney Dish – With Lid 400ml

Irrigator – 1500/2000ml

Gallipot – 56mm

Measuring Jug

Dressing Jar – With Lid 100 x 100mm

Urinal – Female

Urinal – Male

Forceps Jar – 22cm

Sputum Mug

Bed Pan – Perfection Type

Bed Pan

Bed Pan – Slipper Type


Stainless Steel Bucket – 10 Litre

Sealing Machine – Electro-magnetic Operation

Steam & Dry Heat Adhesive Tape Indicators

Test for Autoclave – Bowie & Dick

Test for Autoclave – Steam Star Indicator

Water Distiller

Cold Serilisation Box

Autoclave – Pressure Cooker Table Top

Autoclave – Table Top Model

Hot Air Steriliser

Autoclave – Vertical Floor Standing 50 Litre

Autoclave – Floor Standing Double Door

Autoclave – Floor Standing

Autoclave – Horizontal Chamber Floor Standing

Medical Cold Box – 28 Litre

Medical Cold Box – 18 Litre

Medical Cool Box – 8 Litre

Medical Cool Bag – LED Thermometer Display

Combined Refrigerator/Freezers – 200+100/350+350/700+700 Litre

Freezer – Upright Laboratory 100/700/1400 Litre

Refrigerator – Labratory and Pharmacy 150/450/1400 Litre

Refrigerator – Blood Bank 100/300/1400 Litre

Bunsen Burner

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

Safety Cabinet – Class II Microbiological

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Pipette – High Volume

Pipette – Variable Volume Micro

Water Still – Storage Tank 4/8/12 Litres Per Hour

Water Still – 4 Litres Per Hour

Urine Analyser, Semi Automatic – Table Top Model

Urine Analyser, Semi Automatic- Portable Model

Analyser – Haematology Compact Model

Spectrophotometer – UV Visible Scanning

Digital Colorimeter

Tube Rotator – Fixed Speed

LCD Digital Tube Roller – Variable Speed 6 Rollers

Vortex Mixer – Classic Fixed Speed

Vortex Mixer – Fixed Speed

Vortex Mixer – Adjustable Speed

Dry Bath – Digital

Water Bath – Digital Timer 11L/22L

Water Bath – Shaking 22 Litre

Water Bath – Microprocessor Controlled 22 Litre / 11 Litre

Water Bath – 22 Litre

Hot Air Oven – Digital

Hot Air Oven – Digital Dry Heat with Natural and Forced Convection

Incubator – CO2

Incubator – Cooled

Multiwash Plate Washer

Digital Flame Photometer

Balance – Tripple Beam Mechanical

Balance – Precision 4600

Balance – Precision 2600

Centrifuge – Hand Held

Centrifuge – Clinical with A12-10P Rotor

Centrifuge – High Speed Refrigerated Micro with Aluminium Alloy Rotor Kit

Centrifuge – Haematocrit

Centrifuge – Micro

Microscope – Binocular

Microscope – Binocular Upright

Microscope – Monocular

Dental Autoclave

Dental X-Ray

Dental X-Ray – Portable Digital

Dental Compressor – 45L Oil Less

Dental Compressor – 35L Oil Less

Dental Compressor – 30L Oil Less

Dental Chair – Portable

Mobile Dental Trolley

Portable Dental Unit

Ophthalmoscope – Indirect

A-Scan – Pachymeter

Auto Refractometer – Keratometer

Auto Refractometer

Fundus Digital Camera

Chart Projector

Visual Field Analyser

Eye Occluder – Plasitc

Eye Occluder – Plastic

Eye Charts

Trial Frame – Adult

Trail Lens Kit

Slit Lamp

Slit Lamp – LED

Non Contact Tonometer With Pachymeter Function

Tonometer – Schiotz

Tonometer – Auto

Ear Syringe – Metal

Head Light – 5W LED

ENT Head Mirror – 100 Lux

ENT Head Mirror – 55 Lux

ENT Diagnostic – Ear Curettes

ENT Diagnostic – Loop Spoon Ear Curettes

ENT Diagnostic – Disposable Nasal Speculum

ENT Diagnostic – Sterile Kit B

ENT Diagnostic – Sterile Kit A

ENT Diagnostic – Tuning Forks

Audiometer – Handheld Diagnostic Tympanometer

Audiometer – Diagnostic For Paediatrics

Audiometer – Pure Tone

Audiometry Booth

ENT Chair – Deluxe Electric

Percussion Hammer – Queens

Percussion Hammer – Buck

Percussion Hammer – Taylor

Percussion Hammer – Babinski with Dual Position Head

Spirometer – Diagnostic Colour with Printer

Spirometer – Pocket

Lung Exercise Device

Peak Flowmeter – Smart One

Calliper – Skin Fold

Tape Meaure – BMI

Otoscope – Xenon Halogen

Otoscope – Fibre Optic Xenon Halogen

Ophthalmoscope – 2.7V Halogen

Diagnostic Set – 3.5V Fibre Optic, Halogen, Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope and ENT Sets

Diagnostic Set – Xenon Halogen 3.5V Set

Diagnostic Set – Large 2.5V Set

Diagnostic Set – 2.5V Set


Thermometer – Digital

Thermometer – Mercury Free

Thermometer – Ear

Thermometers – Braun Pro 6000 Thermoscan

Sphygmomanometer – Spare Parts

Braun Sphygmomanometer Cuff – Replacement Cuff Bladder

Braun Sphygmomanometer Cuff – Single Tube Reusable

Braun Sphygmomanometer Cuff – Double Tube Reusable

Braun Sphygmomanometer Cuff – Double Tube Single Patient Pack of 25

Braun Sphygmomanometer Cuff – Single Tube Single Patient Pack of 25

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – Smart Automatic

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – Portable

Portable Pocket Aneroid – Stethoscope

Hand Held Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

Pocket Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

Accoson Cuff – Replacement Double Tube Bladder

Accoson Cuff – Double Tube Velcro Cuffs With Bladder

Accoson Cuff – Replacement Single Tube Bladder

Accoson Cuff – Single Tube Velcro With Bladder

Accoson Sphygmomanometer – 6″ Aneroid Stand Model

Accoson Sphygmomanometer – 6″ Aneroid Wall Model

Accoson Sphygmomanometer – 6″ Aneroid Desk Model

Accoson Sphygmomanometer – Duplex Aneroid Hand Model

Accoson Sphygmomanometer – Limpet Aneroid Hand Held

Accoson Sphygmomanometer – Green Light 300 Range

Accoson Sphygmomanometer – Combine Self Test Aneroid Sphygmo & Stethoscope

Mercury Free Sphygmomanometer – Stand Model

Mercury Free Sphygmomanometer – Desk Model

Stethoscope – Aluminum Pinard Foetal

Stethoscope – Cardiology

Stethoscope – Nurse

Stethoscope – Paediatric Dual Head

Stethoscope – Adult Dual Head

Stethoscope – Sprague Rappaport

Pen/Pocket Torch

Bone Measure

Craniometer – Infant Pack of 15

Height Measure – Tape

Measuring Scale – Baby

Measuring Mat – Baby

Weighing Scales – Baby Electronic

Weighing Scales – Baby Electronic

Weighing Scales – Baby Electronic

Weighing Scales – Baby Mechanical

Weighing Scale – Baby Salter

Weighing Scale – Digital

Weighing Scale – Floor

Mechanical Medical Scale With Height Measure

Digital Weighing Scale With Height Measure

Woods Blue Light – Pocket

Woods Blue Light – Portable

Woods Blue Light – Hand Held

LED Examination Light – Portable

Neonatal Bilirubin Meter

Neonate Eyeshades for Phototherapy – Disposable

Infant Head Fixing Kit

Non Contact Oxygen Hood

Babycare 100 Infant Incubator

Babycare 300 Infant Incubator with Phototherapy

Babycare 600 Infant Incubator

Babycare 800 Infant Incubator

Babycare 900 Infant Incubator

Babycare 1000 Infant Incubator

Babycare 1100 Transport Incubator

Babycare 30 Infant Warmer

Babycare 40 Infant Warmer

Babycare 50 Infant Resuscitation Centre

Babycare 20 Radiant Warmer

Babycare 15 Phototherapy Unit

Cardiotocograph – Single Foetal and Maternal Monitor

Cardiotocograph – Single Foetal Monitor

Foetal Doppler – Hand Held – Water Birth

Pulse Oximeter – Table Top

ECG Machine – Twelve Lead

ECG Machine – Six Channel

ECG Machine – Three Channel – Digital

ECG Machine – Three Channel

ECG Machine Single Channel

ECG Machine – Single Channel – Hand Held

ECG Holter With 12 Channels

ECG Holter with 3 Channels

Apnoea Monitor

Wired Stress Test System

Modules For PM18 Modular Patient Monitor

Emergency Mobile Server For PM18 Patient Monitor

PM 18 Patient Monitor – Modular

PM5A Patient Monitor

Electrosurgery Smoke Evacuator

Electrosurgery Trolley with 5 Shelves

Electrosurgery Trolley with 3 Shelves

Argon Unit

Electrosurgery Machine – High Power – 400W

Electrosurgery Machine

Electrosurgery Machine-Monopolar and Bipolar-200W

Electrosurgery Machine – Monopolar or Bipolar – 160W

Electrosurgery Machine – Monopolar or Bipolar – 120W

Electrosurgery Machine – Monopolar or Bipolar – 80W

Electrosurgery Machine – Monopolar – 80W

Electrosurgery Machine – Monopolar – 50W

Multi-Function Operating Microscope

Latex Surgical Gloves

Surgeons’ Facemasks

Green Surgeons’ Caps – pack of 10

Cotton Trousers

Cotton Jackets

Theatre Gowns Cotton Type

Anti Static Autoclavable Theatre Clogs

Surgical Scrub Sink – Triple

Surgical Scrub Sink – Double

Surgical Scrub Sink – Single

Electro Hydraulic Delivery Table

Electro Hydraulic Neurological Operating Table

Electric Hydraulic Operating Table

Orthopaedic Extension Tractor

Universal Hydraulic Operating Table

Universal Hydraulic Operating Table

Halogen Operating Theatre Lights

Cool LED Theatre Light – Single Head – Wall Mounted

Cool LED Theatre Light – Dual Head – Ceiling Mount

Cool LED Theatre Light – Single Head -Ceiling Mount

IV Cannula

Infusion/Drip Stands

Infusion Cuffs

Infusion Warmer

Blood and Infusion Warmer

Enteral Feeding Pump

Infusion Pump – Stackable

Infusion Pump

Syringe Pump Stackable with TIVA Mode

Syringe Pump

Endotracheal Tubes – Cuffed and Uncuffed

Guedel Airways – Single Use

Single Use Macintosh Laryngoscope Blades

Fibre Optic Laryngoscope Handles

Fibre Optic Laryngoscope Miller Blades

Fibre Optic Laryngoscope Macintosh Blades

Conventional Macintosh Laryngoscope Set B

Conventional Macintosh Laryngoscope Set A

Miller Type Laryngoscope Blades – Conventional

Macintosh Type Laryngoscope Blades – Conventional

Laryngoscope Conventional Handles

Immobilisation Belts – Set of 3

Spider Strapping System for Spinal Boards

Immobilisation Belts

Immobilisation Belt – Red

Head Immobiliser – Moulded polyurethane and PVC

Head Immobiliser – NBR Foam Dipped with PVC

Head Immobiliser – PE Foam Covered with Vinyl

Immobiliser for Spinal Injuries

Stretcher – Basket Type

Stretcher – Scooping Type

Stretcher – Foldable into 2

Stretcher – Foldable into 4

Stretcher – Wheelchair Type

Stretcher – Automatic Loading Type

Splints – Vacuum Splint Kit

Splints – Leg, Arm, Forearm, Wrist and Elbow

Splints – Aluminium

Splints – Boston Splints

Splints – Air Cushion Splint Set

Cervical Collar – Two Piece

Cervical Collar – One Piece

Laryngeal Masks – Silicone Single Use

Laryngeal Masks – Silicone Reusable

Quick Response Kit

Resuscitators – PVC Single Use Type

Resuscitators – Silicone Reusable Type

Accessory Kit for Emergency Trolley

Emergency Trolley

Emergency Trolley

Emergency Ventilator – Electronic

Emergency Ventilator – Pneumatic

Defibrillator – Rescue SAM AED

Defibrillator – Rescue Life with 7 inch Screen

Aluminium Transit Wheelchair

Bariatric Wheelchair

Paediatric Self Propel Wheelchair

Standard Adult Folding Wheelchair

Instrument Cabinet – 4 Doors

Instrument Cabinet – 1 Door

Pedal Bin – 20, 50 or 70 Litres

Sack Holders – 20, 70 or 90 Litres

Clean Linen Cabinet – Lockable

Soiled Linen Trolley – Double Bag

Soiled Linen Trolley – Single Bag

Linen Trolley – 3 Removable Shelves – 1 Linen Bag

Pharmacy Cabinet with Dangerous Drug Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet with DDA Inner Cabinet

Controlled Drug Cupboard with Warning Light

Controlled Drug Cupboard with Warning Light

Medical Notes and Transfer Trolley

Medical Notes and Transfer Trolley

Ward Drug and Medicine Dispensing Trolley

Procedure Cart With Anti Static Braked Castors

Procedure Cart with Anti Static Braked Castors

Wall Mounted Curtain Cubicle

Phlebotomy Chair with Adjustable Feet

Phlebotomy Chair Upholstered in Vinyl

Phlebotomy Chair with Moulded Seat and Back

Gas Lift Stool with Back Rest, glides & Foot Ring

Gas Lift Stool with Footring and 5 Castor Base

Gas Lift Stool with 5 Glides

Gas Lift Stool with 5 Castor Base

Mayo Table – Variable Height Gas Assisted Model

Mayo Table – Variable Height Gas Assisted Model

Mayo Table – Adjustable Height Model

Gynaecology Couch

Gynaecology Couch

Delivery Bed

Delivery Bed

Patient Trolley with Trendelenburg

Ward Trolley

Patient Trolley

Step – Rectangular

Step – Double Oval

Step – Single Oval

Patient Bed Table

Bedside Cabinet

Chart Holder

Male Urinal Holder

Bed Pan Holder

Urine Bag Holder

Adjustable Backrest

Bed Cradle

Bubble Mattress Complete with Pump

Air Ripple Mattress Complete with Pump

Air Mattress Complete with Pump

Mattresses and Pillows

Baby Crib

Baby Crib with Large Cupboard

Baby Crib with Small Cupboard

Child Cot

Child Cot

Child cot

Leg Frame with Single Pulley

Leg Frame without Pulley

Hospital Bed – Electric with Built in Weighing Scales

Hospital Bed – Three Manual Cranks

Hospital Bed – Two Manual Cranks

Hospital Bed – One Manual Crank

Hospital Bed – Standard

Suction Accessories – Suction Catheters and Cannulas

Suction Accessories – Jars, Filters and Tubing

Pipeline Suction – High Suction – Direct Units

Breast Pump

Vacuum Extractor – Manual

Vacuum Extractor – Electric

Electric Suction Unit 90Lpm – Disposable Range

Electric Suction Unit 60Lpm – Disposable Range

Electric Suction Unit 40Lpm – Disposable Range

Electric Suction Unit 16Lpm – Disposable Range with Battery Back Up

Electric Suction Unit 16Lpm – Disposable Range

Electric Suction Unit 15Lpm – Disposable Range

Disposable Suction Range Jars and Liners

Electric Suction Unit 90Lpm

Electric Suction Unit 60Lpm

Electric Suction Unit 36Lpm with Battery Back Up

Electric Suction Unit 40Lpm

Electric Suction Unit 16Lpm with Battery Back Up

Electric Suction Unit 16Lpm

Electric Suction Unit 15Lpm

Manual Suction with 400ml Jar

Oxygen Venturi Masks with Fixed Oxygen Connection

Oxygen Mask – Plain – Disposable

Oxygen Nasal Cannula – Disposable

Nebuliser – Ultrasonic (26.0010)

Nebuliser – Ultrasonic (9.0465)

Nebuliser – Micro Piston Compressor Type

Nebuliser – Intensive Hospital Use

Nebuliser – Piston Type

Nebuliser – Professional and Hospital Use

Oxygen Concentrators – Crystal 0-8Lpm Models

Oxygen Concentrators – Crystal 0-10Lpm Models

Oxygen Concentrator – Portable

Oxygen Concentrator – High Pressure

Pipeline Extensions with Probe and Schrader

Schrader Valve Outlets – Twin with Probe

Schrader Valves with Hosetail

Schrader Valves

High Pressure Tubing Sleeves

High Pressure Tubing

Cylinder Spanners

Probes – DIN/Draegar

Probes – British Standard Direct Probes 1/8 NPT Male Thread

Probes – British Standard Remote Probes

Probes – British Standard 3/8 BSP Thread

Flowmeter Accessories

Flowmeters – Rail Mounted with Remote Probe

Flowmeters – Twin with Back Bar, Probe and Tubing Nipple

Flowmeters with BS Direct Probe

Flowmeters with Nut and Tubing Nipple

Regulator Spares

Dial Flowmeters/Regulators

Tourniquet Cuff Connectors

Two Stage Regulator with Schrader Valve

Single Stage Regulator with Schrader Valve

Single Stage Regulators with Flowmeter

Esmarch Bandages – Latex Free Type

Single Stage Regulators 60 PSI/4 Bar

Rubber Rebreathing Bags

Rubber Reusable Corrugated Breathing Tubes

Silicone Anatomical Facemasks

Rendell Baker Silicone Anaesthetic Facemasks – Autoclavable

Esmarch Bandage – Red Rubber Type

Back Bar Fittings

Soda Lime

Rhys Davies Exsanguinator

Manual Tourniquet

SCT5 Tourniquet Machine


SCT2 Tourniquet Machine

SCT2x2 Tourniquet Machine

Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector – MDS8020

Walkthrough Metal Detector MDS9000

MDS9050 Walkthrough Metal Detector

Electric Portable Suction Unit

Desk Top Autoclave

KR1 Covert Tactical Vest

Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)

Vet Rectal Thermometer

Vet Pulse Oximeter

Wrist Type Veterinary Ultrasound

Compact Veterinary Ultrasound

Crystal 5-8-1 Oxygen Concentrator Single Flow

Crystal 10 Oxygen Concentrator

Ceiling Mounted Theatre Light 3 Bulbs

VetCare Radiant Warmer

VetCare Incubator

Monopolar Bipolar Electrosurgery Unit 120W

Re-locatable Drive Through Cargo Scanner

Drive Through Mobile Cargo Scanner

Braun iScan Vehicle Scanner

BRAUNVAP Anaesthesia Vaporiser

BRAU6550DV Multi-Energy Baggage Scanner

BRAU6080 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

BRAU6045 Checkpoint X-Ray Inspection System

BRAU5030 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

BRAU160180 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

BRAU160165 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

BRAU100100 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Clear Silicone Autoclavable Anaesthetic Face Masks

Cardiff Aldasorbers – Box of 6

Breathing Circuits – Tubing

Breathing Circuits – Reusable

Breathing Circuits – Disposable

Toyota Land Cruiser Box Ambulance

Toyota Hiace Ambulance

Mercedes Benz Vito 119 Ambulance

Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance