Apheresis Machine

Product Code: 36.0065

Our Apheresis Machines are designed to perform three procedures; Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, Rheophereseys and Hemoperfusion.

  • Designed to perform the following procedures:-
    • Therapeutic plasma exchange
    • Rheopheresys (Double filtration, Selectrive apheresis, Double filtration adsorption)
    • Hemoperfusion
  • Complete treatments directly on the blood or by treating the plasma coming from a centrifuge
  • Two pumps allow to move blood or plasma
  • Two double clamp handles
  • Rapid cycles of regeneration automatically regenerates the fractionator filter
  • The extraction of plasma is entrusted to a single damp plasmapheresis that controls the entire treatment and monitors and automatically optimises all flows making the treatment easy and secure.
  • Simple and intuitive interface is based on a colour display complemented by a thumbwheel and only 3 buttons.


  • Unit Dimensions: 370 x 290 x 360mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Trolley Height: 930mm
  • Trolley Base Dimensions: 440 x 500mm
  • Maximum Height Pole: 1970mm
  • Trolley Weight: 21kg

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Apherisis Machine

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Apheresis Machine