Babycare 1100 Transport Incubator

Product Code: 4.0085, 4.0085AMB

4.0085 – Babycare 1100 Transport Incubator with Standard Trolley
4.0085AMB – Babycare 1100 Transport Incubator with Foldable Ambulance Trolley

  • Two temperature control modes: air and baby controlled by a micro-computer.
  • Automatic adjustable power supply AC/DC or ambulance power supply.
  • Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature can be displayed separately.
  • Isolated alarm system.
  • Special connector for ambulance power supply.
  • Six quiet operation iris ports.
  • Heating power rate 0-100%.
  • Double wall hood with side door for easy removal of the bassinet.
  • The chamber hood can be removed completely.
  • Natural air flow humidity.
  • The height of the whole unit can be adjusted.
  • Oxygen supply system.
  • Observation lamp.
  • Aircraft approved.
  • AC power supply: AC220V/50 Hz
  • DC power supply: DC12V/10A or DC24V/6A
  • Input power: 400 VA
  • Mode of control: Air-temperature and baby temperature servo-controlled by a micro-computer
  • Control range of air temperature: 25ºC-37ºC (override mode 37-38ºC)
  • Control range of skin temperature: 34ºC-37ºC (override mode 37-37.5ºC)
  • Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: < 0.3ºC
  • Variability of temperature: <1.0ºC
  • Uniformity of temperature: <1.5ºC
  • Noise inside hood: < 52dB (A)
  • Failure alarm: Over-temperature alarm, temperature deviation alarm, sensor alarm, fan motor failure alarm, power failure alarm.
  • Environment temperature: 10ºC-30ºC (set temperature should be higher than 3ºC than the environment temperature)
  • Ambient air movement rate: <1.0m/s

Standard Accessories

  • Foldable trolley stand,
  • IV Pole,
  • Skin sensor,
  • Mattress,
  • Internal battery,
  • Observation lamp,
  • Power cord,
  • Operator manual and Installation tools.

Optional Accessories

  • Foldable ambulance trolley,
  • >37°C override temperature mode,
  • Disposable skin temperature sensor.
Babycare 1100 Transport Incubator

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Babycare 1100 Transport Incubator