Babycare 17 Phototherapy Light

Product Code: 4.0036

• Compact and portable.
• Gooseneck design enables easy adjustment of the
angle between 0-90°.
• LED blue cold light source.
• Colour LCD touch screen.
• Continuous/intermittent phototherapy mode.
• Adjustable intensity function.
• Built in timer.
• Can be flexibly matched with other products with lower
phototherapy function to form a more efficient double
surface phototherapy solution.
• Uniform coverage: With a sufficient large effective
radiation area (1000cm²), high focus light source, uniform
coverage, to ensure that the patient can fully receive the
blue light treatment.

• Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz – AC110V also available.
• Dominant wavelength range: 445-470nm.

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Babycare 17 Phototherapy Light