Babycare 40 Infant Warmer

Product Code: 4.0060

Babycare 40 infant warmer

  • Servo control: skin temp of baby, air temp of bed
  • Sensor used to measure the bed or skin temperature
  • RS232 Connector
  • Light touch control panel waterproof
  • Set temperature and actual temperature display separately
  • Apgar timer
  • Heating consumption 0-100%
  • Four alarm indentification
  • Radiator box adjustable in tow direction from 0º – 90º
  • Bassinet gradient adjustable in 3 deg
  • X-ray tray under the bassinet
  • Far infrared quartz heater tubes
  • Rail on the bed is easy to move
  • Power supply: AC220V 50 Hz
  • Power input: 600VA
  • Air temperature control range: 25ºC~37ºC
  • Skin temperature control range: 34ºC~37ºC
  • Sensor precision: ≤0.1ºC
  • Uniformity of bed temperature: ≤0.8ºC

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Babycare 40 Infant Warmer