Babycare 900 Infant Incubator

Product Code: 4.0051

Babycare 900 infant incubator

  • Air mode and Baby mode controlled by micro computer.
  • Oxygen concentration control system.
  • Set temp, air temp, baby temp, humidity & oxygen are displayed separately.
  • >37°C temperature set function.
  • RS232 connector.
  • 48 hours record working file.
  • Sensor module box including the air sensor, skin sensor, humidity sensor and oxygen sensor.
  • Six quiet operation iris ports.
  • Heating power rate 0-100% with a clear display on the key panel.
  • Light touch, waterproof, switch panel.
  • Backup alarm system.
  • Inclination of bassinet can be adjusted.
  • Double wall hood.
  • Automatic air circulation.

There are no product specifications listed.

Standard Accessories

  • Stand, I.V. pole,
  • Monitor shelf,
  • Sensor module box,
  • Operator manual,
  • Installation tools,
  • Power cord.

Optional Accessories

  • Built-in weighing scale,
  • Fixed bilirubin phototherapy lamp,
  • Electrically operated height adjustment stand.

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Babycare 900 Infant Incubator