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bellavista 1000 neo Ventilator

Product Code: 12.0203

Neonatal ventilator with 13.3″ colour touchscreen interface. Optional mobile trolley available

  • 13.3” colour touch screen interface
  • Precise delivery of tidal volumes from 2ml with TargetVent
  • nCPAP and nIPPV with choice of pressure or flow based mode
  • High frequency nIPPV with a rate up to 200 breaths per minute
  • Burst Backup gives more safety in non-invasive ventilation
  • Sensitive and precise triggering with a proximal flow sensor
  • Configurable FiO2 delivery and duration for Oxygen Flush
  • Compact and lightest high end neonatal ventilator
  • Internal batteries ensure uninterrupted operation for up to 6 hours
  • Optional Mobile Stand is available for this model
  • Patient type: Neonatal
  • Technology: High performance turbine
  • Pressure Controlled: CPAP, PSV, P-A/C, PC-SIMV
  • Volume Controlled: P-ACtarget, PC-SIMVtarget, PSVtarget
  • Non Invasive Modes: CPAP, PSV, P-AC, PC-SIMV, P-ACtarget, PC-SIMVtarget, PSVtarget, nCPAP, nIPPV, HFOT
  • Apnea Ventilation: P-AC, PC-SIMV, nIPPV
  • Backup Modes: PSV, Burst backup
  • Inspiratory Pressure: 2..45 mbar
  • Psupport: 2..45 mbar
  • PEEP: 0..20 mbar
  • Tidal Volume: 2 ml..250ml (with TargetVent option)
  • Inspiratory time: 0.1..2 sec
  • Respiratory rate: 0..150 bpm
  • I:E ratio: 1:59; 5:1
  • Inspiratory Trigger: Flow 0.1.. 20 l/min, Pressure 0.1..15 mbar, Trigger off
  • Expiratory Trigger: 5..90%
  • Rise time: auto.rise, 0..400 ms manual
  • Leak Compensation: auto.leak, full In and Expiratory compensation
  • Curved: Pressure, Flow, Volume, SpO2, etCO2
  • Loops: Pressure Volume, Pressure Flow, Flow Volume
  • Monitoring: 45 online parameters
  • Maneuvers: Inspiratory Hold, Expiratory Hold, NIF (Negative Inspiratory Force), Vtrapped, PO.1 (Occlusion Pressure), AutoPEEP, Manual Breath
  • O2 Flush: FiO2 and duration configurable
  • Graphics: TargetVent view
  • Trending: Monitoring Parameters and Curves
  • Oxygen: 21% to 100% high and low pressure oxygen inlet
  • Options: Sidestream, Capnography, SpO2, Plethysmography
  • Patient Circuit Types: Single Limb and Dual Limb Circuits
  • Dimensions: 350 x 220 x 330mm (W x H x D)
  • Battery time: Maximum 6 hours (internal)
  • Interfaces: 2 x RS232, 2 x USB, Can Bus, Ethernet, CO2, SpO2, Nurse Call, VGA
  • Weight: 12.8kg
  • Power Input: 100-240 VAC/50-60Hz, low voltage input 24 VDC

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bellavista 1000 neo Ventilator

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bellavista 1000 neo Ventilator