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bellavista 1000e and Basic 1000e

Product Code: 12.0201, 12.0201B

12.0201B – Basic bellavista 1000e Ventilator

12.0201 – bellavista 1000e Ventilator

  • ICU ventilator with 17.3” glass touchscreen, Full HD screen resolution
  • A wide patient range from premature neonates* to adults
  • Adaptive Ventilation Mode
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy (Standard on 1000e only)
  • Lung Recruitment Tool
  • Battery Time 4 Hours Minimum
  • Optional mobile stand is available for this model
  • Patient types: Adult, Paediatric, Neonatal*
  • Areas of application: Life-sustaining ventilation, intensive care unit (ICU), Intense monitoring care (IMC), emergency room (ER), intra-hospital transfer
  • Standard Accessories: Breathing Circuit, Bacteria Filter, Test Lung, iFlow 200s flow sensor, Power Supply Cable, User Manual
  • Software: Pre-configured for ICU use

* Optional

  • Ventilation: CPAP, P-A/C, PC-SIMV, PSV, S, S/T, T. beLevel, APRV, V-A/C, VC-SIMV
  • Bellavista modes Included
    • Basic 1000e
      AVM Adaptive Ventilation Mode, Expert Ventilation, Expert Monitoring, Lung Mechanics, TargetVent, Integrated Pneumatic Nebuliser
    • 1000e
      AVM Adaptive Ventilation Mode, Extended Pressure Range, Expert Ventilation, Expert Monitoring, Lung Mechanics, Real Time Trending, DualVent, Day/Night, MaskFit, TargetVent, ChameleonClassic, Chameleon Green, Data Communication, Integrated Pneumatic Nebuliser, Auxiliary Pressure, Lung Recruitment Tool, High Flow Oxygen Therapy
  • Volume controlled: VCV, V-A/C, VC-SIMV, P-AC target, PC-SIMV target, PSV target
  • Flow pattern: Constant, 50% decelerating, decelerating
  • Adaptive mode: AVM
  • Apnoea ventilation: P-AC, PC-SIMV, V-AC, VC-SIMV
  • Backup modes: PSV, Burst backup
  • Oxygen therapy: HFOT 2..80L/min Adult/Paediatric 1..60L/min Neonatal*
  • Peak inspiratory flow: 0-260 L/min
  • Inspiratory pressure, IPAP: 0..100 mbar
  • Psupport: 0..80 mbar
  • PEEP, EPAP: 0..50 mbar
  • Tidal Volume: 40..2500mL Adult/Paediatric 2..250mL Neonatal*
  • Inspiratory time: 0.1..10 sec
  • Respiratory rate: 0..100 breaths per minute Adult/Paediatric
    0..150 breaths per minute Neonatal*
  • I:E ratio: 1:299:49.1 (biphasic) 1:59;5:1 other modes
  • Inspiratory trigger: Flow 0.1.. 20L/min 0.1..15mbar, trigger off
  • Expiratory trigger: auto sync, 5..90% manual
  • Rise time: auto.rise, 0..2000ms manual
  • Leak compensation: auto leak, automatic inspiratory/expiratory leak compensation
  • Tube compensation: ATC
  • Graphs: Pressure, Flow, Volume, ATC, SpO2, etCO2
    Loops Pressure/Volume, Pressure/Flow, Flow/Volume, Volumetric CO2
  • Monitoring: 56 online parameters
  • Trending: 14 day real time trending, 1 year parameter trending
  • Monitoring: 56 online parameters
  • Weaning protocol: VentSummary
  • Oxygen: 21%..100%
  • Options: Neonatal Advanced, Volumetric Capnography, SpO2, Plethysmography
  • Nebuliser: Internal, Pneumatic
  • Interfaces: 3 x RS 232, Ethernet, Display Port, 2 x USB, nurse call, CO2, SpO2, bellavista bus
  • Additional Pressure Measurement: Paux (internal)
  • Dimensions: 440 x 290 x 360mm (W x D x H)
  • Oxygen Supply: 0..7bar
  • Weight: 14.8Kg
  • Power Supply: 100-240 VAC+ 20%/50-60 Hz, low voltage input 24 VDC

* Optional

  • 12.0201B – Basic bellavista 1000e Ventilator
  • 12.0201 – bellavista 1000e Ventilator


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bellavista 1000e and Basic 1000e

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bellavista 1000e and Basic 1000e