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Biochemistry Analyser - Fully Automatic Table Top Model

Product Code: 18.8700

High quality and affordable, our fully automatic table top Biochemistry Analyser is designed for use in small laboratories. It offers up to 385 tests per hour and up to 33 positions for samples. View the features and get in touch for a quote now.

  • Up to 220 tests/hour without ISE
  • 385 tests/hour with ISE (3 ions)
  • Up to 33 positions for samples
  • Up to 35 positions for reagent and 3 ions
  • Flexible configuration for sample/reagent positions carry over < 0,1%.
  • Liquid level detection and collision protection
  • Automatic dilution for abnormal sample
  • Bi-directional LIS interface
  • Reaction Rotor: Rotating tray, containing 40 cuvettes
  • Reaction Temperature: 37°C + 0.1°C
  • Optical system with halogen tungsten lamp
  • Dimensions: 457 x 69 x 59.5cm (W x L x H)

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