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Biochemistry Analyser - Semi Automatic Table Top Model

Product Code: 18.8702

Complete with easy to use Windows operation system and large touch screen, our Semi Automatic Biochemistry Analyser Table Top Model is a popular choice. Get in touch now to talk about your requirements.

  • Easy to use Windows operation system with large touch screen
  • Large memory
  • Measuring principles: Absorbance photometry, Turbidimetry
  • Open system
  • RS 232 bidirectional communication and USB interface
  • Internal or external printer
  • The possibility of using a flow cell and disposable cuvettes
  • Unlimited possibilities of the optical system
  • Continuously adjustable grating, 1nm by step adjustment
  • Optical System with halogen tungsten lamp
  • Reaction Cuvette: Flow cell or plastic disposable cuvettes (10ml)
  • Dimensions: 78 x 68 x 63cm

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