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Bomb Disposal Robot

Braun EOD Robots (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) are remotely operated vehicle specially designed for locating, identifying and disarming explosive devices whilst protecting the bomb disposal experts and their surroundings. They are available in various different sizes and designs to meet the clients requirements.

Their unique capabilities make the Braun EOD robot the most powerful deactivation robot on the market:

  • Powerful jaws enable accessing a car’s boot, hood, or interior by prying the metal or driving through glass quickly and effectively.
  • The combination of electric and hydraulic engines provide the arm with weight lifting capability of up to 250 Kg, enough to move a medium size vehicle to a safe place prior to deactivation.
  • Equipped with quad wheels or caterpillar tracks for maximum manoeuvrability and excellent offroad capability
  • Once the arm is fully contracted, most models can easily fit sideways inside a van, which is used as a logistics support for bomb disposal and CBRN operations
  • Maximum precision when pulling out the wires of a detonator and cutting them
  • Leading COFDM data transmission system guarantees no radio interferences while operating the robot.

Braun EOD robots are available in larger and smaller sizes with additional accessories depending on the customer specifications. Please contact our sales team for further information.

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Bomb Disposal Robot

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Bomb Disposal Robot