BRAU5030CA – X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Product Code: BRAU5030CA

The X-ray baggage system BRAU5030CA provides the effective inspection of handbags and small baggage within the limited space and unequipped inspection area. It can be easily relocated without any need for special equipment.

Image shows model including optional Trolley and entry/exit rollers.

  • BRAU5030CA allows identification of weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, primers and dangerous objects, which are safety hazard by identification of substances with effective atomic number.
  • Dual energy imaging of the system with automatic colour coding of materials having different atomic numbers helps screening specialist to easily identify dangerous objects inside any parcel.
  • Equipped with a convenient touchscreen display, that can be folded inside the top cover and locked to avoid interference or damage.

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BRAU5030CA - X-Ray Baggage Scanner

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BRAU5030CA – X-Ray Baggage Scanner