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Braun iScan Vehicle Scanner

Product Code: BRAU1981, BRAU1982

The Braun i-Scan Vehicle Scanner can detect and highlight different dangerous and contraband items hidden inside passenger vehicles and vans, such as explosives, currency, drugs, arms and alcohol.

This vehicle scanner is the best tool for preventing hidden illegal human trafficking and migration thereby lowering the risk of terroristic attacks.

BRAU1981 – without Control Cabin

BRAU1982 – with Control Cabin

  • Maximum dose to passengers – < 0.15 μSv/scan at 7 km/h vehicle speed
  • Regulatory compliance – ANSI 43.17 – 2009 compliant for general people screening
  • Additional safety feature – Emergency stop buttons, flashing beacon, CCTV system, traffic lights

There are no product specifications listed.

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Braun iScan Vehicle Scanner

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Braun iScan Vehicle Scanner