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BRAUNVAP Anaesthesia Vaporiser

Product Code: BV00805, BV00810, BV00815, BV00820

The BraunVap Vaporiser is designed for incorporation in the fresh gas supply system of continuous flow anaesthetic machine, directly connected between the flowmeter and the common gas outlet of the machine.

It provides accurate concentrations of anaesthetic drugs in the fresh gas supply, in accordance with the setting of the control dial, when the fresh gas supply flow is between 0.2 and 15 litres/min.

The BraunVap is temperature, flow and pressure compensated and is incorporated with a safety interlock mechanism.

Ordering Information

  • BV00805 BraunVap Enflurane
  • BV00810 BraunVap Isoflurane
  • BV00815 BraunVap Sevoflurane
  • BV00820 BraunVap Halothane

Customer to specify agent type required when ordering

  • Capacity: 340ml (with dry wick) 300ml (with moist wick)
  • Automatic compensation for Temperature, Flow and Pressure

Concentration range:

  • Halothane 0.2~5%
  • Enflurane 0.2~5%
  • Isoflurane 0.2~5%
  • Sevoflurane 0.2~5%
  • Flow Range: 0.2~10L/min for connection >5% 0.2~15L/min
  • Temperature Range: Operating 15~35°C Storage –40~50°C
  • Weight and Dimensions 120(L)mm x 205(W) x 235(H) Weight: 6.2Kg

For the required compatibility block add the following to the end of the product code:

S Selectatec Compatible with Interlock

D Draeger Plug In With Interlock

AD North American Draegar Compatible Interlock

Also state which filler module is required.


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Braunvap Anaesthesia Vaporiser

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BRAUNVAP Anaesthesia Vaporiser