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Breathing Circuits - Reusable

Product Code: 1.0305, 1.0306, 1.0310, 1.0315

Used to deliver oxygen and anaesthetic, while removing carbon dioxide, there are a variety of different types of breathing circuits for anaesthesia. Find which medical supplies you need and make an enquiry now.

Braun Breathing Circuits – Reusable Latex Free Type

  • 1.0305 – Reusable Latex Free Magill Breathing Circuit Mapleson A
  • 1.0306 – Reusable Latex Free Magill Breathing Circuit With Scavenging Valve
  • 1.0310 – Reusable Latex Free Bains Breathing Circuit
  • 1.0315 – Reusable Latex Free Jackson Rees Type B Ayres T Piece/Mapleson F Breathing Circuit

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Breathing Circuits - Reusable