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Ceiling Multi Colour LED Operating Light Range

Product Code: 22.7107C, 22.7108C, 22.7109C, 22.7110C, 22.7111C, 22.7108CCBM, 22.7110CCBM
  • High performance LEDs provide outstanding illumination of the surgical field.
  • Superior shadow control and optimum light intensity.
  • Offering diverse colour temperatures to accurately differentiate between tissues.
  • Slim design with laminar flow openings promote air flow.
  • Perfectly balanced to ensure easy and stable adjustment.
  • Electronic control panel to control the light adjustment and colour temperature. An optional 4.3”  LCD touch screen control panel is also available.
  • Endoscopy light function.
  • Courtesy light.
  • Easy to clean.


Model: 22.7107C, 22.7108C, 22.7109C, 22.7110C, 22.7111C
Voltage: 95-245V, 50/60Hz 95-245V, 50/60Hz 95-245V, 50/60Hz 95-245V, 50/60Hz 95-245V, 50/60Hz
Illuminance (Lux) at 1 Mtr Distance: 93,000-180,000/ 93,000-180,000 93,000-180,000/ 83,000-160,000 83,000-160,000/ 83.000-160,000 93,000-180,000 83,000-160,000
Adjustable Brightness: 10-100%
Diameter of Lamp Head: 700mm/700mm, 700mm/500mm,  500mm/500mm, 700mm, 500mm
LED Bulb Quantity: 64Pcs/64Pcs, 64Pcs/40Pcs, 40Pcs/40Pcs, 64Pcs 40Pcs
Adjustment Range of Colour Temp: 3800-5500K
Colour rendering index Ra: 96
Colour rendering index R9 (Red): 98
Adjustment Range of Light Field Size: 150-350mm/ 150-350mm, 150-350mm/ 90-260mm, 90-260mm/ 90-260mm, 150-350mm, 90-260mm
Total radiant flux density: 364W/m2
Endoscopy Mode: Yes
Endoscopy Mode LED Quantity: 16Pcs/16Pcs, 16Pcs/16Pcs,  16Pcs/16Pcs, 16Pcs, 16Pcs
Illumination For Endo Mode: 25%, 30%, 40%, 20%, 25%
LED Lifetime: 80,000hrs, 80,000hrs, 80,000hrs ,50,000hrs, 80,000hrs
Main Material: Aluminium
Rotating Angle Of Arm: >540°
LED Bulb Power: 1w Each Pc
Input Power: 400w
Operating Element: Touch Control
Light Head Protection Rating: IP54+Fire Proof
Depth Of Illumination L1+12: 1400mm, 1200mm, 1100mm, 1400mm, 1100mm
Lamp Weight: 700+700=52Kg, 700+500=49Kg, 500+500=46Kg, 700+700=52Kg, 500+500=46Kg
LCD Touch Screen: Optional
Battery Back Up (4-6 Hours): Available on 22.7107CB, 22.7107CCB, 22.7107CCBM, 22.7108CB, 22.7108CCB, 22.7108CCBM, 22.7109CB, 22.7109CCB, 22.7109CCBM, 22.7110CB, 22.7110CCB, 22.7110CCBM, 22.7111CB, 22.7111CCB, 22.7111CCBM
Internal 20X Sony Camera: Available on 22.7107CC, 22.7107CCBM, 22.7108CC, 22.7108CCBM, 22.7109CC, 22.7109CCBM, 22.7110CC, 22.7110CCBM, 22.7111CC 22.7111CCBM
21” HD Monitor With Extra Arm: Available on 22.7107CCBM, 22.7108CCBM, 22.7109CCBM, 22.7110CCBM, 22.7111CCBM

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Ceiling Multi Colour LED Operating Light Range