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Clear Silicone Autoclavable Anaesthetic Face Masks

Product Code: 1.0035, 1.0036, 1.0037, 1.0038, 1.0039, 1.0040

A clear economy range of clear silicone anaesthetic face masks.

A lower-cost alternative for those looking for the advantages and benefits gained from a latex-free silicone mask.

The masks incorporate an integral standard connector with a proven anatomical design. The clear design ensures excellent clarity; this means optimum visibility through the mask.

The smaller sizes have a cylindrical shape to assist in establishing and maintaining an airtight seal with infants and neonates.

They are autoclavable up to a maximum of 137ºC.

Available in the following Sizes:

  • 1.0035 – Large Adult Mask With Hook Ring, 22F, Size 5 – Box of 5
  • 1.0036 – Medium Adult Mask With Hook Ring, 22F, Size 4 – Box of 5
  • 1.0037 – Small Adult Mask With Hook Ring, 22F. Size 3 – Box of 5
  • 1.0038 – Paediatric Mask, Without Hook Ring, 22F, Size 2 – Box of 5
  • 1.0039 – Infant Mask, Without Hook Ring, 15M, Size 1 – Box of 5
  • 1.0040 – Neonatal Mask, Without Hook Ring, 15M, Size 0 – Box of 5

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