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Crystal 5-8-1 Oxygen Concentrator Single Flow

The Crystal Oxygen Concentrator is designed to satisfy oxygen therapy requirements in the home or clinic.

The Crystal 5-8-1 provides a constant flow of oxygen which can be administered at the required rate by the simple adjustment of the single flow knob (also available in a dual flow model). The unit is fitted with a power failure alarm. It is one of the most compact models available on the market.

  • Built in high humidity control.
  • Air intake filter repositioned to the top of the unit to optimise purity
  • High and low pressure alarms -auto cut off feature
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low noise output
  • Suitable for use in all countries and climates
  • User friendly
  • Fitted with humidifier assembly
  • Durable injection moulded external casing
  • Fitted with four castors for mobility
  • Low maintenance cost

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Crystal 5-8-1 Oxygen Concentrator Single Flow Braun

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Crystal 5-8-1 Oxygen Concentrator Single Flow