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CT Scanner - 64 Slice

Product Code: 44.0015, 44.0020

Our 64 Slice CT Scanner comes with a HP Z820 Master Computer with 32GB of memory, a 7TB host hard drive and much more.

  • Rack System:
    • Frame Size: 76cm, angle: +30 degrees, can be operated remotely – In/Out, Rise/Fall and scan rack tilt.
    • Slip ring type: contactless high speed data link slip ring
    • Detector type: GOS solid detector
    • Detector array: 32
  • X-Ray System:
    • Bulb tube anode heat capacity: 8.0MHU
    • The maximum cooling rate of the bulb tube is
    • 931KHU/min
    • Small focus: 0.6 x 1.2mm
    • Big focus: 1.1 x 1.2mm
    • Focus to the scanning field and other central
    • distance: 570mm
    • Minimum ball tube voltage: 80kV
    • Maximum ball tube voltage: 140kV
    • High Voltage Generator Power: 80kW
    • Minimum Current: 10mA
    • Maximum Current: 667mA
  • Patient Bed:
    • Maximum scan range (no metal range): 1850mm
    • The highest point in the vertical movement of the bed is 990mm, the lowest of the vertical movement of the bed is 425mm
    • Maximum bed surface movement speed: 150 mm/s; minimum movement speed: 5 mm/s
    • Bed surface movement accuracy: + 0.25mm
    • Bed loading capacity: 250kg
  • Image Quality:
    • Spatial resolution (X, Y axis plane): 20 lp/cm 0% MTF
    • Spatial resolution (Z axis): 20 lp/cm 0% MTF
    • Density resolution: (indicating the scan conditions):
    • @ 0.30% 3mm
    • CTDI vol: Head 16.6mGy/100mAs Body;
    • 8.6mGy/100mAs
  • Console and ComputerSystem:
    • The main console
    • Master computer: HP Z820
    • Computer memory: 32GB
    • Host Hard Drive: 7TB
    • CD-ROM disc recorder system (DICOM compatible)
    • Colour LCD flat panel monitors flicker 1 unit
    • (progressive)
    • Standard DICOM 3.0 interface: standard configuration with the following functions:
      • Send/receive
      • Query/retrieval
      • Basic print function
      • Storage
      • Network interface (RIS/HIS)
      • Laser camera interface
      • Remote diagnosis system and remote diagnosis platform
      • Virtual photo typesetting function
      • Console colour 3D display
      • Advanced video post processing workstation
    • Offers a range of clinical image processing software, such as MPR, VR, SSD, the maximum and minimum software package projection; standard configuration volume measurement software.


  • 44.0015: 64 Slice CT Scanner
  • 44.0020: 64 Slice CT Scanner with Cardiac Imaging

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CT Scanner - 64 Slice

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CT Scanner - 64 Slice