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Dental Care 400 Dental Unit

Product Code: 35.4020

Dental Care 300 Dental Unit

  • 24 VDC Chair Motor.
  • Ergonomically designed chair.
  • Easy to use, maintain and clean.
  • LED reflective sensor operating light with adjustable colour temperature.
  • Touch control panel with 9 memory positions.
  • Auto cuspidor flushing and cup filler control system.
  • Up mounted instrument tray with air brake.
  • High suction and saliva ejector system.
  • 3 way syringe (hot/cold water).
  • Removable ceramic spittoon.
  • Main switch for water/air/power.
  • Removable ceramic cuspidor.
  • Double articulate headrest.
  • Seamless ECO Leather Upholstery. (See colour chart for colours available).
  • Multi function footswitch.
  • Power Voltage: AC 220V-230V 50Hz supplied as standard; AC 110V-120V/60Hz on request
  • Water pressure 0.2-0.4MPa/2.0-4.0 bar
  • Air Pressure 0.55-0.8MPa/5.5-8.0 bar
  • Air output volume >55L/min

Optional Accessories Available
35-TRAY-1 Up Mounted Instrument Tray With Air Brake
35-CUR-1 Built in Curing Light LED Q
35-CUR-2 Built In Curing Light LED G
35-IN-1 Built in N2 Scaler
35-IN-2 Built in N2 LED Scaler
35-IN-3 Complete Handpiece Set
35-CAM-1 Intra-Oral Camera System
35-IN-4 6 Hole Fibre Handpiece Tube System
35-IN-5 Brushless Electric Micrometer With LED Light
A range of oil free compressors are available see Dental section


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Dental Care 400 Dental Unit

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Dental Care 400 Dental Unit