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Encore 1755 3 Gas Anaesthetic Machine with Ventilator

Product Code: 1.0751

Three gas supply (O2, N2O, Air) anaesthetic machine with 6 tube flowmeter, 8.4″TFT colour screen and integrated CO2 circle absorber with heating function

  • Three gas supply (O2, N2O, Air) with 6 tube flowmeter
  • 8.4″TFT colour screen
  • 4 x antistatic castors, 2 with brakes
  • 2 x soft close drawers
  • Option on advanced monitoring module of EtCO2
  • Integrated CO2 circle absorber with heating function
  • Advanced electronic PEEP
  • O2 Flush
  • Pressure Gauges
  • 1 x O2 Pin index, 1 x N20 Pin Index 3m Pipeline Supply Hoses 02, N20 and Air
  • Adult Breathing Circuit
  • Paediatric Breathing Circuit
  • Set of 4 Masks
  • Battery Back-up
  • Adult, Paediatric
  • Ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, SIMV, PSV, Manual
  • Setting: TFT color screen & navigator wheel knob, Touchscreen(option)
  • Tidal volume: 50~1500ml
  • Ventilation frequency: 0~99bpm
  • I:E ratio: 4:1~1:10
  • Pressure range: 5~70cmH2O
  • Ppeep: 3~30cmH2O
  • Inspiration plateau: off, 5%~60% Ti
  • Trigger sensitivity: 0.5~20L/min; 0~-20cmH2O
  • High pressure: 20~80cmH2O
  • Low pressure: 0~20cmH2O

Monitored Parameters

  • Pressure: Paw, Ppeak, Pplat, Pmean
  • Volume: MV, Vt
  • Breath rate
  • Gas FiO2
  • Graph display: P-T, F-T, V-T waveforms & P-V, F-V loops, EtCO2(Option), Waveform frozen


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