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Expiratory Bacteria Filter Heater

Product Code: 12.10040

Increases expiratory filter efficiency and protects ventilator exhalation systems.

Prevents cross infection for both staff and patient.

  • The bacteria filter is installed at the expiratory limb of the breathing circuit which is connected to the ventilator.
  • The bacteria filter has been tested with the filtration rate of 99.9999% BFE & 99.999% VFE.
  • The temperature is kept between 55-70°C to warm the filter.
  • The elevated temperature on the filter is capable of eliminating the virus and bacteria which are trapped inside the filter.
  • The water trap which is just below the filter is used for the collection of condensed water inside the breathing circuit.
  • The 5cm silicone connector is to join the water trap and the filter together.
  • Time saving for staff due to reduced checking compared to disposable filters
  • No need to replace filter until 2 weeks of first use on ventilator

Power Requirements: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz, 20W max.


12.10050: Reusable Water Trap 22mmOD Connector
12.10055: 5cm Silicone Connector
12.10040.1: Bracket, Rail Mount for Filter Heater


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Expiratory Bacterial Filter Heater

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Expiratory Bacteria Filter Heater