Flower Type Dual Ceiling LED Operating Theatre Lights

Product Code: 22.7001C, 22.7001CB, 22.7001CCBM
  • Warm white/cold white LEDs for brilliant, homogenous light.
  • Variable light field geometry and matrix light function.
  • Active shadow management for shadow free illumination.
  • Combined with excellent colour rendering.
  • Maximum light field variability with innovative beam path concept.
  • 4.3” TFT LCD Touch Screen Control Panel.
  • Laminar flow openings to promote air flow.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Endoscopy Mode.
  • Available with Optional Battery Back Up, Internal 10X Sony Camera and 21” HD Monitor.


Model: 22.7001C

Voltage: 95-245V 50/60HZ

Light Intensity at 1m EC (Lux): 60,000- 180,000 per lamp head

Adjustable Light Intensity: 0%-100%

Lamp Head Diameter: 700mm per lamp head

No of LED Bulbs: 112 per lamp head

Kelvin Colour Temperature: 3000 – 5800

Colour Rendering Index RA: 96

Colour Rendering Index R9: 98

Spot Size Beam: 150 – 350 per lamp head

Total Radiant Flux Density: 364W/m²

Endo Ambient Lights: Green & Red

Number of Endo Lights: 12 per lamp head

Endo Light Intensity: 15%

Rated Power: 220W

Depth of Illumination (L1 & L2) 60%: 750mm

Depth of Illumination (L1 & L2) 20%: 1400mm

Class Protection: IP55

Main Construction Material: Aluminium

Rotation: 540º

Battery Back Up: 4 – 6 Hours – Available on 22.7001CB & 22.7001CCBM

Internal Camera: Available on 22.7001CCBM

Monitor: 21″ HD – Available on 22.7001CCBM


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Flower Type Dual Ceiling LED Operating Theatre Lights