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Flowmeter Accessories

Product Code: FA00659A, FA00659B, 26.0772, 26.0773

Packs of tubing nipples in black or white acetal are available. Disposable or autoclavable humidifier jars are also available.

  • FA00659A – Tubing Nipple 9/16” x 18 UNF White Acetal (Pack of 10)
  • FA00659B – Tubing Nipple 9/16” x 18 UNF Black Acetal (Pack Of 10)
  • 26.0772 – Disposable Humidifier Jar
  • 26.0773 – Autoclavable Humidifier Jar

There are no product specifications listed.

There is no additional information for this product.


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Flowmeter Accessories

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Flowmeter Accessories