Grid Perspex Covers

Product Code: 30.2440, 30.2441, 30.2442, 30.2443, 30.2444

Our Grid Perspex Covers are clear, rigid plastic envelopes and they offer a degree of protection to the grid and are easy to clean.

  • Grid covers are clear, rigid, plastic envelope.
  • They offer a degree of protection, to the grid and are easy to clean.
  • Note: These do not attach to the cassette like grid lids.


There are no product specifications listed.

  • 30.2440: Grids: Frame 18 x 24cm
  • 30.2441: Grids: Frame 24 x 30cm
  • 30.2442: Grids: Frame 30 x 40cm
  • 30.2443: Grids: Frame 35 x 35cm
  • 30.2444: Grids: Frame 35 x 43cm
Grid Perspex Covers

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Grid Perspex Covers