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Haemodialysis Machine

Product Code: 36.0006, 36.0007

Our Haemodialysis Machines can come with a portable Osmosis unit or just by themselves. They an intelligent operating system and much more.

  • Intelligent Operating System
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Blood Pump
  • Spare Pump (For Standby can also be used for hemoperfusion)
  • Heparin Pump
  • Balance Chamber and UF Pump
  • A/B Ceramic Proportion Pump, high precision and corrosion proof
  • Optional 30 minute battery back-up
  • Ultra filtration with or without diffusion
  • Automatic priming and blood lines & dialyser leak test
  • Display of service diagnostic and calibration
  • Automatic clean
  • Variable Sodium Concentration with profiling


  • Variable Temperature Control programmable
  • Dialysate temperature: 33ºC~39ºC ±0.5ºC, Preset range: 33ºC~39ºC, ±0.5ºC,
  • Dialysate flow: 300~800 ml/min (adjustable), Concentration of dialysate: 12.1mS/cm~ 16.0mS/cm, ±0.1mS/cm, Dialysate ratio: Various proportions
  • Ultra filtration with control or varying rate: Flow range: 0ml/h~4000ml/h, Resolution ratio:1ml,
  • Precision: ±30ml/h
  • Dimensions: 380 x 400 x 1380mm
  • Weight: 88kg


  • 36.0006: Haemodialysis Machine
  • 36.0007: Haemodialysis Machine with Portable Reverse Osmosis Unit


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Haemodialysis Machine

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Haemodialysis Machine