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Haemodialysis Machine

Product Code: 36.00075

Our Haemodialysis Machines can come with a portable Osmosis unit or just by themselves. They an intelligent operating system and much more.

Clinical Applications:

  • Haemodialysis (HD)
  • Pure Ultrafiltration (ISO UF)
  • Haemoperfusion (HP)
  • Plasma Exchange (PE)


  • 12.1” High Definition LCD Touch Screen.
  • Self test, rinse, disinfection, hot disinfection, ISO UF, shutdown, etc.
  • Automatically starts treatment once blood flow is sensed.
  • Can be used with various formulas of dialysis fluid (acetate and bicarbonate).
  • Single pump compatible with different diameter blood lines.
  • Blood pump with a brushless driving motor.
  • Double needle dialysis.
  • Swiss made magnetic valves.
  • Adjustable dialysate flux linearity (300-800ml/min).
  • User friendly rotating control know to adjust the dialysate flux rate.
  • Na+ and UF profile adjustment for patient comfort.
  • Heparin Bolus with maximum speed up to 7.5ml/min.
  • One key for starting and stopping the unit.
  • Large capacity log storage.
  • 30 minute battery back up in case of power failure.




General Data
Dimensions (L x W x H) 470 x 850 x 1400mm
Weight Approx. 85kg
Water Inlet Pressure 0.15 – 0.5MPa
Water Inlet Temperature 5-30°C
Ambient Temperature 10-30°C
Relative Humidity <70%
Extracorporeal Circuit
Arterial Pressure Monitoring
Display Range -300 – +400mmHg        (+ 10mmHg)
Venous Pressure Monitoring
Display Range -50 – +300mmHg          (+ 10mmHg)
TMP Range -100 – +600mm Hg       (+ 5mmHg)
Blood Pump
Flow Range 30-500ml/min
Blood Level Detector Ultrasonic Sensor
Air Bubble Detector Infrared sensor.
Threshold Of Reaction Single air bubble of 200µl exists when blood flux is 200ml/min
Heparin Pump
Delivery Range 1-10ml/hr
Accuracy 0.2ml/hr
Bolus 2.5ml/min (Syringe 10ml), 5ml/min (Syringe 20ml),  7.5ml/min (Syringe 30ml)
Injector Size 10/20/30ml
Electrical Data
Power <2200W
Voltage AC220V + 10%, 50Hz         Optional 110V available
Dialysis Fluid Circuit
Dialysate Flow Range Linearity adjustable            300-800ml/min                       (+ 10ml/min)
Dialysate Temp Range Selectable 33-40°C          (+ 0.5°C)
Dialysate Conductivity Range 12 – 15.5mS/cm               (+0.2mS/cm)
UF Flow Range 50-2000ml/hr                        (+30ml/hr) (+1%)
ISO UF Flow Range 0-2000ml/hr (+30ml/hr)
Blood Leak Detector Automatically close the blood loop when there is a leakage >1ml per litre dialysate (dialysate flow: 800ml/min
Disinfection and Cleaning
Chemical Disinfection Use citric acid, peracetic acid & sodium hypochic
Heat Disinfection
Heat Chemical Disinfection
Hot Rinse Temperature 85C


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Haemodialysis Machine