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Kestrel Range of Inhibitors

Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs) account for the largest proportion of military and civilian casualties in today’s asymmetric warfare environment.

Combining accurate threat analysis and sophisticated technical solutions the Kestrel family provides a reliable counter to the RCIED threat.

Please Note: Purchase of this equipment is subject to export licence approval.


  • Kestrel is a family of lightweight, multi-role inhibitors designed for rapid deployment.
  • Kestrel inhibitors can be programmed for use in the patrol man-pack role with a total weight of less than 7 kilograms including the battery.
  • A carry-forward frame allows a number of Kestrel inhibitors to be co-located covering multiple threat bands providing a solution for Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD).
  • The Kestrel can also be configured for vehicle installations by connecting a power amplifier and specialist antenna ground plane for vehicle convoy protection.
  • The Kestrel design uses sophisticated Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology with up to four threat band fills for flexible programming and power efficiency.
  • The system is fully integrated and includes a docking interface compatible with the LIPS10 lithium-ion battery to provide a guaranteed mission life of 4 hours continuous operation.
  • The Kestrel is equipped with an integral GPS antenna that can be removed for vehicle-mounted applications.
  • An internal cooling fan provides active and effective temperature regulation for sustained use in operational
  • Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) is able to provide an Integrated Logistical Support (ILS) package tailored to specific customer requirements including threat analysis, training and support. Equipment is meticulously tested within the company’s EMC test chamber to ensure a bespoke solution and optimal protection against the RCIED threat.
  • Frequency Coverage:
    • Kestrel Alpha: 20 – 520 MHz
    • Kestral Bravo: 500 – 950 MHz
    • Kestrel Charlie: 3G and Wlan 2.4 GHz Band
    • Kestrel Delta: GSM Low Band and GSM High Band
    • Kestrel Echo: Wlan 5.5GHz Band
  • Power Supply: LIPS10 (24 V, 19 Ahr Li-ion) providing 4 hours operation fro Kestrel Alpha
  • Operational Temperature: -10°C to +55°C
  • Operational Humidity: Up to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • RF Output Power:
    • Kestrel Alpha: 10 W +/-2 dB total RF power output diplexer filter output to two antenna ports for antennas 20 – 100 MHz and 100 – 520 MHz
    • Kestrel Bravo: 10 W +/-2 dB RF power output, single antenna
    • Kestrel Charlie : 10 W +/-2 dB RF power output, two antennas
    • Kestrel Delta: 10 W +/-2 dB RF Power output, two antennas
    • Kestrel Echo: 7 W +/-2 dB RF Power output, two antennas
  • Size:
    • 223 x 216 x 77mm exclusive of connectors, antennas and batteries
    • 353 x 216 x 77mm including LIPS10 battery
  • Weight:
    • <3 kg exclusive of battery and antennas
    • <6.95 kg including LIPS10 battery and antennas

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Kestrel Range of Inhibitors

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Kestrel Range of Inhibitors