MDS9050 Walkthrough Metal Detector

The MDS9050 has an embedded microprocessor and features multiple zone performance. The archway passage consists of 33 separate and distinct detection zones.

It combines unique multiple independent sensors with high speed digital signal processing. With dual detection, by scanning from both sides the MDS9050 provides superior detection and performance.

Characteristics & Functions:

  • Standard Programs – over 20 application programs included
  • Sensitivity – up to 99 distinct sensitivity levels
  • 33 independent zone indications
  • IP55 standards for moisture and foreign matter protection
  • Overhead control unit – all electronic, LCD, alarm light, LED bar graph, control touch pad.
  • Tamper-proof settings – 3 access levels of security clearance
  • Automatic Self diagnostic program
  • Zone sensitivity boost – adjustable in 6 areas
  • 8 hour battery back up

Header Assembly
The MDS9050 control panel includes an On/Off Key Switch, a built-in Alarm Display Panel, a LCD Display Panel that shows the system operating parameters and a Keypad for operating parameter data entry. The built-in Alarm Panel depicts the area within the archway opening. It has a LED array display on the frame to pinpoint the MDS9050 detect status.

A twelve segment bar graph shows an object signal strength in real-time. Also included is a Red Alarm Event LED and a Green Ready/Wait LED.

All electronics are housed in the Header Assembly.

System Throughput
The MDS9050 accommodates a wide range of walk-through transit speeds. Rapid Automatic Reset maximises the system throughput rate to over 50 passes per minute. The MDS9050 speed range provides consistent detection over a wide range of object speeds.

Uniform Detection
The field of detection is uniform from top to bottom with no hot spots or dead spots. In situations where large amounts of steel re-bar exist in a support floor and cause drop of detection at ankle height; the loss can be compensated by adjusting the sensitivity of the floor level zone. The sensitivity of the MDS9050 can be adjusted independently. This allows uniform detection to be maintained in all regions of the detector. Horizontal Axis Gain Control compensates for detection losses caused by external metal in walls or furniture. It adjusts the sensitivity horizontally across each zone.

Alarm Display Panel
Archway Depiction ºC shows the location of weapons or targeted objects within the MDS9050 scope of detection. When an alarm event occurs a horizontal bar of LED’s illuminate and depict the position of the object. Each weapon or contraband sized object that causes an alarm will result in the appropriate zone illuminating. The MSD9050 has the display on each side of the frame with large LED light to display.

The 9 segment REAL-TIME SIGNAL STRENGTH BAR GRAPH shows signal strength of objects that pass through the archway. Signal level enlarges as metal in inserted. If the signal level rises into the red area the detector alarms. Typically, signal size (number of bars that are illuminated) is proportional to object size. Also it is the installation area quality indicator. When the detector is installed and if the metal signal bar does not stop blinking it is recommended to change the place of installation or the detectors sensitivity can not be set to the best detect level.

The signal light will pop up when the detector is self-calibrating or goes into noise or metal overload. The MSD9050 is immune to most noise sources that typically cause problems with walk through detectors. However, high intensity noise sources such as a nearby plasma arc welder may cause the unit to go into the blink mode. It is not recommended to operate the detector in this condition. If possible eliminate the noise source or metal objects that causes the overload.

ALARM INDICATOR LIGHT (red LED) – illuminates and is accompanied by an audio alarm when a weapon or contraband size is detected.

READY INDICATOR LIGHT (green LED) – illuminates when the detector automatically resets and is ready to screen the next person. Only one person should be within the detection field at any one time.

Multiple Operating Frequencies
The MDS9050 provides eight user selectable operating frequencies. This allows simultaneous operation of multiple units without interconnecting slaving cables.

The MDS9050 utilises an embedded microprocessor that analyses data generated by 12 detection sensors. Whenever adjustments are made to any operating parameter they are automatically retained in the memory. When the detector is powered down the previously entered operating parameters are retained in the memory.

The MDS9050 is coated in a durable scratch resistant two part epoxy finish. The side panels and header assembly are sturdily constructed for stability and durability.

System Diagnostics
The MDS9050 has self-diagnostic test routines. When the detector is powered up it automatically self-tests and calibrates itself to the surrounding environment. Periodic calibration is not required.

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