Medical Printer – Colour

Product Code: 21-PR-5

Sony UP-25MD colour medical printer

  • A high quality printer designed for medical applications. It features a variety of analogue video inputs for standard definition as well as high definition signals and is compatible with a wide range of medical imaging devices.
  • The printer’s photo-quality dye sublimation technology ensures that prints are durable and long-lasting. It seals and protects printed images against environmental hazards.
  • Colours can be adjusted using RGB or HSV colour spaces to match monitor output and to optimise colour reproduction accuracy.  Dye Sublimation printing is an ideal technology for making high quality, accurate photographic prints.
  • The richly saturated images created by this printer are extremely stable and have a very long life-time: ideal for archiving with surgical reports.


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Medical Printer - Colour

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Medical Printer – Colour