Medical Waste 1350 Litre Diesel Fired Incinerator

Product Code: 17.0411-M
  • Enhanced Cortex insulation.
  • Multi-zone temperature control.
  • Mobile options available.
  • CE2-VFD Advanced control panel
  • Tertiary air control.



  • Medical Laboratories.
  • Dental/Cosmetic Clinics.
  • Blood Banks/Collection.
  • <400 Bed Medical Facilities.
  • Medical Waste Collection.


Operation Specifications

Combustion Chamber Volume (m³): 1.35m³

Burn Rate: Up to 80kg per hour

Average Fuel Consumption: 14-19 Litres per hour+

Time to get to Temperature: 45-60 minutes

Operational Temperature: >850°C

Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber: 2 seconds

Temperature Monitoring: Yes

Average ash residue (%): 3%

Thermostatic Device: Yes

Recommended Operational Temperature: 850-1200°C

Electricity Supply: 110V or 230V

Number of burners: 2

Physical Specifications 

External Length: 2540mm

External Width: 1100mm

External Height: 4180mm

Door Size: 1450x750mm

Shipping Weight: 3100kg


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Medical Waste 1350 Litre Diesel Fired Incinerator