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Monopolar Bipolar Electrosurgery Unit 120W

Product Code: 16.0035

This Monopolar & Bipolar Electrosurgery Unit – 120W – is a high frequency electrosurgical equipment which is suitable for minor and medium surgery. Using electrical current to work on tissue with specialised instruments, make an enquiry now for more information.

Maximum output power CUT: 120 W – 250 Ω
Maximum output power BLEND: 90 W – 200 Ω
Maximum output power FORCED COAG: 80 W – 150 Ω
Maximum output power SOFT COAG: 60 W – 100 Ω
Maximum output power BIPOLAR: 40 W – 100 Ω
Working frequency: 600 kHz
Patient circuit: F
Selectable input voltage: 115/230 Vac
Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz
Electrical input power: 300 VA
Size WxHxD mm: 254x104x288
Weight: 5 kg

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Monopolar Bipolar Electrosurgery Unit 120W