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Opthalmoscope - Indirect

Product Code: 52.2425

Our Opthalmoscope – Indirect has the following features; Observation Angle: 45°±5°, Adjustable Pupil Distance: 52mm-74mm and many more.

  • Observation Angle: 45°±5°
  • Adjustable Pupil Distance: 52mm-74mm
  • Adjustable Range of Head Bracket Head
  • Circumference:530mm-630mm,Depth: 85mm-125mm
  • Illumination Brightness: ≥500lx
  • Illumination Source: 6V/10W,Halogen Bulb
  • Power: AC220V/50Hz
  • Dimension:  mm 142×48×128L×W×H
  • Weight of Main Body: 230g


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Opthalmoscope - Indirect

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Opthalmoscope - Indirect