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Power LED Ceiling Mounted Operating Lights – Single

  • Designed to give a clear and bright light in the surgeons field and to reduce glare.
  • Near perfect colour rendition with white and yellow LEDs mixed for the best visualisation of tissue during surgery.
  • Wide beam technology from 15cm to 35cm, the largest beams of any current product with high intensity across the full beam width.
  • A soft illumination of light to reduce eye strain from high contrasts of light intensity.
  • Easy to clean, sealed light head, remote controls and anti-microbial coatings minimise infection.
  • 5.1 inch LCD touch control panel.
  • Optional HDI-SDI Integrated camera, fully enclosed inside the light head. Maximum illumination up to 180,000 Lux.
  • Stable and constant illumination.
  • Enhanced visibility for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Endoscopy mode.
  • Astro space design, works seamlessly with laminar airflow solutions.

Voltage: 95~245V, 50/60HZ
Illuminance at distance of 1 m(LUX): 83,000-160,000
Brightness Adjustable: 0-100%
Lamp Head Diameter: 500MM
Quantity Of LEDS: 48PCS
Colour Temperature Adjustable: 3000-5500K
Colour rendering index Ra: 96
Colour rendering index R9(Red): 98
Light Field Size Adjustable: 90-260MM
Total radiant flux density: 364W/m2
Endoscopy Mode: YES
Endoscopy Mode LEDS: 8PCS
Illumination For Endo-Mode: 18%
LED service life: 80,000hrs
Main Material: Aluminium
Rotating Angle Of Arm: >540°
LED Bulb Power: 1w Each Pc
Input Power: 400w
Operating element: Touch Control
Light head protection rating: IP54+FireProof
Depth of illumination L1+12: 1100MM
Lamp weight: 500+500=46KGS
Packing: 3 Wooden Cartons
LCD Touch Screen: Standard
Back Up Battery (4-6hrs): Optional (part number 22.7104CB)
Shadow Compensation Function: Optional
Internal/External Sony Camera(10X): Optional (part number 22.7104CC)
Monitor With Extra Arm(21 Inches): Optional (part number 22.7104CCBM)
Wall Mounted Control: Optional

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Power LED Ceiling Mounted Operating Lights – Single