Re-locatable Drive Through Cargo Scanner

Product Code: BRAU1979

The Relocatable Cargo Scanner system with a compact 7.5 MeV accelerator is an effective and intelligent solution for seaports, airports and border crossings that helps to identify illicit or prohibited items and check if the contents of containers match with the shipping documentation.

Intended use:

  • State-of-the-art high-energy low-dose X-ray scanner with portal-shaped detection system specially developed for the inspection of loaded vehicles (container or general cargo) with usage of innovative “drive-thru” technology.
  • Developed for inspection of containers and vehicles, for identification of the cargo compliance to the transportation documents and for the detection of contraband, drugs, weapons and other dangerous objects.
  • Designed for operation at seaports, traffic control points, customs, temporary storage warehouses and other places where total cargo control is required.

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Re-locatable Drive Through Cargo Scanner

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Re-locatable Drive Through Cargo Scanner