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Regulator Spares

Product Code: RS00650, RS00651, RS00652, RS00660, RS00664, RS00673, RS00674, RS00647

A range of spare parts for regulators are available including locking nuts, gauges, seals, o rings, tape and grease as well as regular service kits.

  • RS00650 – Plastic Locking Nut
  • RS00651 – Air Main Contents Gauge
  • RS00652 – Oxygen Main Contents Gauge
  • RS00660 – Bull Nose ‘O’ Rings (Pack of 50)
  • RS00664 – Bodok Seals (Pack of 25)
  • RS00673 – 12mm Degreased Thread Tape (Pack of 6)
  • RS00674 – Fomblin Grease
  • RS00647 – Regulator Service Kit for RE00630 and RE00639

There are no product specifications listed.

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Regulator Spares

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Regulator Spares