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Rendell Baker Silicone Anaesthetic Facemasks - Autoclavable

Product Code: 1.0045, 1.0046, 1.0047, 1.0048

Autoclavable Rendell Baker silicone anaesthetic facemasks available in various sizes.

These are ideal for paediatric use as a gas tight seal can be achieved with only minimal pressure.

The masks have the advantage of a low dead space and can be sterilised to temperatures of 137°C.


1.0045 – Rendell Baker Paediatric Clear Silicone Mask, 22F, Size 3
1.0046 – Rendell Baker Small Paediatric Clear Silicone Mask, 22F, Size 2
1.0047 – Rendell Baker Infant Clear Silicone Mask, 22F, Size 1
1.0048 – Rendell Baker Neonatal Clear Silicone Mask, 22F Size 0

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