Reusable Tourniquet Cuff Range

  • Latex Free.
  • Single, Double and Low Pressure Cuffs available.
  • Colour coded for easy identification.
  • Complete with a unique lining to increase patient comfort and reduce the risk of pressure sores whilst preventing cuff slippage.
  • No extra padding required.


Braun Reusable Single Bladder, Single Tube Standard Cuffs – Latex Free 

TC00650R- New born, White, 3.5x29cm
TC00651R- Child, Pink, 4.5x35cm
TC00652R- Arm Narrow, Violet, 6x46cm
TC00653R- Arm, Blue Sky, 8x46cm
TC00654R- Arm L, Turquoise, Conical, 10x47cm
TC00655R- Leg Narrow, Yellow, 8x76cm
TC00656R- Leg, Navy, Conical, 10x62cm
TC00657R- Leg L, Green, Conical, 10x76cm
TC00658R- Leg XL, Grey, Conical, 10x82cm
TC00659R- Leg XXL, Red, Conical, 10x107cm

Braun Reusable Double Bladder, Single Tube Standard Cuffs – Latex Free 

TC002651R- Child, Pink, 4.5x35cm
TC002653R- Arm, Blue Sky, 8x46cm
TC002656R- Leg, Purple, 10x62cm

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Reusable Tourniquet Cuff Range