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Schrader Valves

Product Code: P000675XV, P000676XV, P000677XV, P000678XV, P000679XV

Schrader valves available for 4 bar air, 7 bar air, oxygen, nitrous oxide and vacuum.

  • Supplied complete with 1/4” BSPT Female Thread
  • Gas specific connection with non interchangeability.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Designed for use with British Standard Probe Connectors

There are no product specifications listed.

  • P000675XV Schrader Valve – 4 Bar Air
  • P000676XV Schrader Valve – 7 Bar Air
  • P000677XV Schrader Valve – Oxygen
  • P000678XV Schrader Valve – Nitrous Oxide
  • P000679XV Schrader Valve – Vacuum

Schrader valves will be supplied with female fitting unless otherwise specified.


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Schrader Valves

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Schrader Valves