SCT2 Tourniquet Machine

Product Code: SCT2 Tourniquet Machine

The SCT2 is a Self Compensating Tourniquet Machine suitable for use on two limbs.

The SCT2 Tourniquet Machine features 2 gauges. It has the facility to indicate both pre-select pressure and cuff pressure using the same gauge. The pre-select pressure is set before the operation while the machine is in deflate, after the cuff has been applied to the patient. When set to inflate the gauge will then indicate the actual cuff pressure throughout the operation.

This model can also be supplied with one air yoke to accommodate a pin index air cylinder. It can be supplied as a table top model for pipeline use or for gas supplied by a remote cylinder using a pin index regulator (RE00646) or bull nose regulator (RE00647). As with the SCT 2 x 2 Tourniquet Machine this model is designed to cope with two limbs.


  • Twin limb application.
  • Each limb can be inflated/deflated independently.
  • Pre-select and cuff pressure indicated on same gauge.
  • Table top or stand models available.
  • Driven by medical air
  • Ideal for intravenous regional block (Biers Block).
  • Optional single yoke for remote cylinder use.

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T000801 SCT 2 Tourniquet Machine – 4 Bar Pipeline Model With Stand
T001801 SCT 2 Tourniquet Machine – 7 Bar Pipeline Model With Stand

SCT2 Tourniquet Machine

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SCT2 Tourniquet Machine