SCT5 Tourniquet Machine

Product Code: T000850 / T000851

The SCT5 Tourniquet Machine is an Automatic Electronic Tourniquet Machine.
It is a compact unit with a built in compressor. This eliminates the need for an external gas supply from a cylinder or pipeline.

  • Touch screen control for simple to use operation
  • Operates from own integral air supply
  • Independent pressure control for 2 channels
  • Single and Dual Colour coded Channel Ports
  • Microprocessor controlled to guarantee safety, precision and traceability
  • IVRA function
  • Leak compensation facility
  • Self-compensates working pressure and maintains pressure when power is off.
  • Self-error inspection function, light and sound alarm.
  • Digital timers with selectable visual/audible alarm
  • Data entry for traceability: date, time, patient, hospital name, information can be used through built in printer and/or USB connection (optional extra)
  • Built in Battery for back-up supply
  • Deflate button safety mechanism
  • Complete with mobile stand and basket
  • Braun Elite reusable and single use Tourniquet cuffs available.
  • Optional Automatic LOP function available (Part no: T000851) – Through innovative technology the machine is able to calculate each individual patient’s safest and lowest pressure to reduce risk of nerve related injuries and complications during Orthopaedic Surgery whilst using our Tourniquet machine
  • Optional printer available (Part no: T000850.1)
  • Voltage: 100 – 240VAC
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Battery autonomy: 10h
  • Pressure control range: 0 – 600mmHg
  • Pressure control Precision: ±1 mmHg
  • Alarm: programmable audible and visual

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T000850 – SCT5 Tourniquet Machine

T000851 – SCT5 Tourniquet Machine with Automatic LOP Function


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SCT5 Tourniquet Machine