Slit Lamp

Product Code: 52.2420

Converging optical design helps to provide a clear image with excellent sharpness, with magnifications between 10x-16x & 16x-25x and more.

  •  Converging Optics Design.
  • Provides a clear image and excellent sharpness.
  • Reducing fatigue and providing an ample field of view.
  • Magnifications can be selected between 10x to 16x and 16x to 25x.
  • Halogen illumination.




Total Magnification 10X: 16X (10X eyepiece)

16X: 25.6X (16X eyepiece)

Slit Width 0mm – 10mm continuously adjustable
Slit Height 1mm – 10mm continuously adjustable
Aperture Diameter Ф10, Ф8, Ф5. Ф3, Ф2, Ф1, Ф 0.2mm
Slit Angle 0° – 180°
Illumination Tilting 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°
Illumination Bulb Halogen 12V/50W
Diopter Adjustment +5D – 5D
Filter Heat Absorption, grey, red free (green), cobalt blue. Optional LED Lamp
Input Voltage 110V/220V 60/50Hz

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Slit Lamp