Soda Lime

Product Code: 1.0242, 1.0243

A medical soda lime designed specifically for clinical use with specific features and benefits.

Contains an inert hardening agent that reduces the potential for dust formation.

Made of 3-4 mm spheres. This uniform shape allows consistent bed packing, resulting in a more even flow of anaesthetic gases through the absorber enabling a longer duration of C02 absorbency compared with granulate Soda Lime.

Dry absorbents can react with volatile anaesthetics to produce unwanted compounds that can build up in a breathing system; for example, Carbon Monoxide and Compound A . Spherasorb contains no Potassium Hydroxide and only a low level of Sodium Hydroxide.

For use with all anaesthetic machines and cartridges. Available in Jeri cans or bags.

1.0242 – 5 Litre Soda Lime in Jerican White to Violet (Per 2)
1.0243 – 1 Kg Soda Lime White to Violet (Per 10)

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Soda Lime

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Soda Lime