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Splints - Air Cushion Splint Set

Product Code: 14.0851

Air cushion splint set including full leg, foot/ankle, full arm and hand/wrist splints. Contained in a compartment bag with an inflation pump.

  • An indispensable instrument for first aid for use in accidents where the patient has cuts or crush injuries.
  • Prevents surface bleeding without stopping the circulation and ensures painless transportation of the injured part.
  • The bandage is a transparent cover of PVC that is reusable and easy to clean.
  • Resistant against water and shifting weather conditions.
  • X-rays can penetrate and medical diagnosis can be made
    without removing the bandage.
  • Supplied in a set comprising of:-
    • 1 x Full Leg Splint
    • 1 x Foot/Ankle Splint
    • 1 x Full Arm Splint
    • 1 x Hand/Wrist Splint
    • All contained in a compartment bag
    • Includes an inflation pump

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Splints - Air Cushion Splint Set

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Splints - Air Cushion Splint Set