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Thyroid Collar - V Type

Product Code: 30.2194V, 30.2195V, 30.2196V, 30.2197V

Our V Type Thyroid Collars provided added sternum protection and have a 48cm max collar. They’re easy to put on with Velcro fastening on the back.

  • V Type Thyroid Collar
  • Gives added sternum protection
  • 48cm Max collar
  • Velcro fastening
  • Available in 0.35Pb and 0.50Pb with either an edge bilayer lead free or standard lead
  • Available in various colours please ask for colour chart when ordering. Burgundy will be supplied as standard if no preference is advised.


There are no product specifications listed.

  • 30.2194V: V Type Thyroid Collar 0.35 LW Lead
  • 30.2195V: V Type Thyroid Collar 0.50 LW Lead
  • 30.2196V: V Type Thyroid Collar 0.35 Bilayer
  • 30.2197V: V Type Thyroid Collar 0.50 Bilayer


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Thyroid Protection - V Type

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Thyroid Collar - V Type