Toyota Hiace High Roof Ambulance

Product Code: 90.0180D

This vehicle is designed to operate in tropical zones at high temperatures and in a
salt-laden, high humidity atmosphere.
It is also designed to provide ease of operation, safety, reliability, and accessibility for repair and maintenance.


  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: HiAce High-roof
  • Variant: Van
  • Axle configuration: 4×2
  • Engine: 2.8L Diesel
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Steering: Left-hand drive (LHD)
  • Body type: Commuter / Passenger
  • Wheelbase (WB): 3,860 mm
  • Gross vehicle weight (GVW): Min 3,400 kg
  • Comfort: OEM Front and rear air-conditioning (A/C)
  • Safety: Back-up/reverse-alarm system

The patient compartment sub-floor construction is covered with marine-grade plywood. Floor covering is with heavy-duty vinyl, non-permeable, seamless, and easily cleaned. The vinyl at the sidewalls extend-up (i.e. raised edges), to ensure a complete seal of the floor isolated with polyurethane foam material.

Partition wall
A full-width and height glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) covered Bulkhead is installed between driver and patient compartment. A transparent sliding window min W 400 × H 300 mm (area of 0.12 m²) fitted on the Bulkhead to allow direct communication between driver and attendants inside the patient compartment area.

Interior Finishing
Ambulance Interior is completely made of GRP ensuring a uniform and aesthetic construction and looks. Internal GRP roof contains two IV Hooks, Grab-Handle, and the Interior Lights. Foam pad and upholstery will used to reduce to minimum the risk of injury in case of collision. The surfaces are gel-coated and painted ensuring a smooth washable surface.

The entire ambulance body, sides and roof of the patient compartment is insulated to enhance the cabinet environment; sound and air-conditioning criteria.

Intravenous Holder
Two Intravenous (IV) feeding Holder having two Hooks & fixed on the roof ceiling.

Overhead handrail provided at ceiling roof; Access handholds at rear and side entrances.

Front Cabinet
Front Medical Cabinet (Bulkhead-mounted):
• Made of GRP with worktable with waterproof lamination
• Three shelves fitted at front street-side
• Kerbside cabinet with storage area accessible from ambulance side entry door
• Long cabinet base with storage area beneath and compatible with rearward-facing seat at the head of the cot.

Windows if any will be provided with ‘frosty-effect sticker’ for privacy in the patient compartment.

Waste and Sharps Disposal
A portable plastic container for sharps disposal provided in the patient compartment.

Medical cabinet
On street-side of the Ambulance a full-length Medical Cabinet is installed made of GRP, the Cabinet is divided into two sections. Upper section consists of four lockable compartments made of GRP materials and polycarbonate doors that are opening upwards.
Lower section consists of:

  • Control panel for patient cabin integrated with medical cabinet next to EMSP seat for easy access.
  • Open storage space with strapping for medical equipment in the cabinet.
    Access panel for electrical components provided in the lower part of the GRP cabinet.
  • A GRP Oxygen Cabinet is integrated to wall located at rear street-side to accommodate two 48 ft³ oxygen cylinders. Access window fitted on cabinet door to ease access to the oxygen knob.

A rear-facing emergency medical services provider (EMSP) / Attendant Seat, ergonomically correct seat back with lumbar support, minimise neck and back
injuries. Features below:

  • Backrest with headrest
  • Easy clean upholstery prevents airborne bacteria from growing
  • Three-point safety belt for maximum safety and seating comfort

Squad Bench
A Squad Bench mounted on the kerbside of the ambulance able to accommodate three persons with individual backrest. Body of the bench is made of GRP at bottom with lid, assisted by gas struts for easy operation. Each seat position is fitted with two-point seat belt for the safety of the crew. Foam padding and upholstery works are used for the safety and comfort of the crew.

Oxygen System
The ambulance is fitted with a hospital-type Oxygen System, 1 × 48 ft³ Capacity Cylinder. The system has two self-standing Oxygen Outlets (BS type unless advised by the client).
1. Each Outlet will be provided with Flowmeter, Humidifier, and Mask.
2. One 48 ft³ Cylinder is supplied as a Spare.

Suction Aspirator
The ambulance is equipped with an on-board Aspirator with 1,000 ml receptacle. An electric Vacuum Pump 12 V driven is mounted under action-area in order to provide Vacuum (BS type unless advised by the client) to Aspirator.

Hand Sanitiser
One Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with refill pack will be provided.

Electrical System
In addition to the standard electrical system of the vehicle in accordance with international and local traffic regulations, the following are fitted:

Audible Warning/PA system
Electronic Siren with Amplifier and electromagnetic Speakers.

One LED Light-Bar on cabin roof at the front.

Loading Lights
LED Clear Loading Lamps mounted at the upper-level body entrances

Patient Compartment Interior Lights
Internal LED lights, 12 V, CE approved, IP67.
One map reading light

Rooftop Ventilator
One roof-mounted 12 V electric Ventilator Fan for suction/blowing function.

12 V DC Power Socket with Plug
12 V, 15 A Sockets stamped brass with injection moulded nylon and ABS body each for charging Medical Equipment.
USB Charging Module with Dual Ports mounted on action-area

230 ± 10 V AC Power Sockets
230 ± 10 V Socket outlets for charging. The above sockets powered by External Shoreline with automatic transfer switch. The Shoreline is connected to external socket with automatic ejection function to work when engine starts.

Auto-eject Shoreline Weatherproof Outlet Plug (230 ± 10 V AC) fixed at exterior part of the ambulance.

Control Panels and System
All Electrical Controls are arranged into two ergonomically designed Panels located in action-area and driver cabin.

Battery Isolation Switch
The ambulance provided with a 12 V battery disconnect master switch to cut-off the power from additional battery.

One Additional Battery 12 V DC 100 A·h maintenance-free

One Inverter min 400 W and Battery Charger

Front and Rear view camera with memory

Intercom system between driver and paramedic
Provision of client supplied radio equipment

Paint and Decals
Body Colour: Main Body – White
Decals: Standard Basic Vehicle Decal/Labelling/Stickers

Mandatory Safety Equipment
Two ABC dry chemical powder (DCP) minimum 2 kg (5 lb) unit Fire Extinguisher, in a quick-release bracket. One mounted in the driver/cab compartment or in the body reachable from outside the vehicle and one in the rear compartment.
‘No Smoking – Oxygen Equipped’, ‘Fasten Seat Belts’ and ‘Mind Your Head’ signs are provided in clearly visible areas inside the vehicle.
Two Hazard Warning Triangles
One seat belt cutter

Medical Equipment List

  • Ambulance Stretcher x 1
  • Wheelchair x 1
  • Long Spinal Board, Adult and Child x 1
  • Head Immobilizer x 1
  • Scoop Stretcher x 1
  • Vacuum Mattress x 1
  • KED Extrication Device x 1
  • Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer with cuffs for Adult, Child and Infant x 1
  • Stethoscope x 1
  • Automated External Defibrillator x 1
  • Electric Nebulizer x 1
  • Portable/Rechargeable Suction Machine x 1
  • Electronic Portable Ventilator x 1
  • Glucometer with Diagnostic strips x 1
  • Pulse Oximeter x 1
  • Face Mask, 2 x boxes
  • Urinal x 2
  • Bed Pan x 2
  • Dead Body Bag x 2
  • Thermal Blanket x 2
  • Burn Aid Kit x 2
  • Sterile Burn Sheets x 2
  • Tracheostomy Set x 1
  • Pleural Drainage Kit x 1
  • Infusion Set x 1
  • Endotracheal Intubation Equipment x 1

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