Transport Incubator With Trolley

Product Code: 4.0086, 4.0086AMB

• 5.6 inch colour LCD Touch Screen.
• Double Wall Hood
• Temperature servo control – Air and Baby Mode
• Skin temperature sensor
• >37°C set function
• Examination light
• Oxygen concentration detection function
• Panel damping system
• Three power supply modes: Battery, AC power
and DC power.
• Capable of being connected to DC12V or DC24V
vehicle power supply.
• Updated PID core algorithm.
• Battery life > 3 hours.

AC Power Supply: AC220-230V/50Hz, 190VA (110V available on request).
DC Power Supply: DC12V/14A or DC24V/7A.
Failure Alarm: Power off alarm, sensor alarm, overheating alarm, deviation alarm, system error
Alarm, SpO2 alarm, pulse upper limit alarm, pulse lower limit alarm, SpO2 upper limit alarm. SpO2 lower
limit alarm and system prompt alarm.
Incubator module dimensions: 103 x 47.2 x 44.8cm (W x D x H)
Standard trolley dimensions: 125 x 55 x 45-80mm (W x D x H)
Incubator module weight: Approx. 25kg (excluding accessories)
Standard trolley weight: Approx. 30kg (excluding oxygen cylinders)

Standard Accessories
4.0086 Standard trolley with stepless adjustment
of height.
4.0086AMB Ambulance trolley for safe and efficient
loading and unloading.

Optional Configuration and Accessories
Oxygen concentration control function
Humidity concentration control function
SpO2 monitoring
Haemoglobin monitoring
Dual battery pack: > 6 hours
Electric lift type trolley with step less height adjustment.

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Transport Incubator With Trolley