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Tube Stand - Floor Mounted

Product Code: 30.0172

Floor mounted tube stand. Also available in floor to ceiling mounted model.

  • Designed for heavy duty usage with all tables and erect Bucky stands.
  • Assures wide and precise tube positions with stability, rigidity of the tube arm and support.
  • Fully counterbalanced providing all positions and angulations.
  • Rails – Floor: 2,440 mm L
  • Rails – Ceiling: 2,440 mm L
  • Stand – Vertical: 650 – 1,900 mm
  • Stand -Transversal: 880 – 1,230 mm
  • Stand – Longitudinal: Min. 1,600 mm
  • Stand – Rotating of Vertical Column: 180º manual detents at each 90º positions
  • Rotating of Horizontal X-ray Beam: ±180º manual lock
  • Lock Release System: Electromagnetic Lock
  • Lock Release System: Vertical, Transverse, Longitudinal, Rotating
  • Components: Tube Stand, Tube Arm & Ring, Base Assembly, Floor Rails, Angle Indicator
  • Power Requirements: DC 24V
  • Dimensions: 2100 x 1020 x 2150(H) mm

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Tube Stand - Floor Mounted

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Tube Stand - Floor Mounted