V3 Ventilator

Product Code: 12.1090

• 12.1” TFT Touch Screen.
• Equipped with the most comprehensive selection of ventilation modes to meet various clinical applications. Including advanced ventilation modes VS & PSV-S/T for
improving the efficiency of treatment.
• Comprehensive ventilation modes, covering critical and subcritical respiratory therapy for adult/paediatric patients.
• Helps reduce the workload for health care professionals.
• Compact and Portable.
• Longer Battery Life, supports up to 5 hours of ventilation.
• Integrated high performance turbine provides pneumatic ventilation without using an air supply.
• Optional mobile trolley – Part Number 12-MS-1.

There are no product specifications listed.

Standard Accessories
2 x Disposable bacterial filter
1 x Disposable breathing circuit, adult
1 x Gas hose – customer to specify whether they require NIST or IEC (GB Power Adaptor) fitted at the point of order.
1 x Disposable latex free 2L Test Lung

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V3 Ventilator