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Vacuum Extractor - Electric

Product Code: 9.0221

Electric vacuum extractor with 60 Lpm flow rate.

  • Rapid suction with 60L/min flow rate
  • Adjustable vacuum power at 680 mmHg
  • Interval and increased surgical visibility
  • Vacuum adjustments can be made using the easily accessible control panel
  • Indicator for monitoring the vacuum level
  • Maintenance free, silent non vibrating, oil free vacuum pump
  • Protective technology preventing overflowing
  • Hydrophobic filter system
  • Designed to be used in delivery operations using the Malstrom Throe method
  • Using its integrated pedal system

There are no product specifications listed.

Optional Accessories

  • 9.0221.1- Set of 5 Cannulas
  • 9.0221.2- Silicone Birth Cup, 50mm
  • 9.0221.3- Silicone Birth Cup, 60mm
  • 9.0221.4- Silicone Birth Cup, 70mm


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Vacuum Extractor - Electric

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Vacuum Extractor - Electric