VetCare Incubator

Product Code: 4.0040V

The VetCare 100 Incubator is great for veterinary surgeries and comes with both Air-Temp and Skin-Temp among other features. We recommend using with an Oxygen Concentrator to save on expensive cylinder cost. Get in touch for all the details.

  • Air-Temp and Skin-Temp, servo controlled by Micro-process
  • Air Sensor
  • Five Systems Alarm Indicator
  • LED Display
  • Touch Switch Panel
  • Three Quiet Operate Iris Ports
  • Heating power rate 0-100%
  • Double wall to prevent heat loss
  • Isolated alarm system, will automatically run as soon as the normal alarm system no longer functions

There are no product specifications listed.

Standard Accessories

  • Trolley Stand
  • IV Pole
  • Air Sensor
  • Air Filter
  • Mattress
  • Iris Port Cover
  • Fuse
  • Power Cord
  • Operator Manual
  • Installation Tools
VetCare Incubator Braun & Co

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VetCare Incubator